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Scented Studio

No description

Scented Studio

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Scented Studio

Your Scent,
Your Way
What is the best way for
to experience
Scented Studio?
Scented Journey Workshop
Custom Oil Table
Retail Fragrance Blends
Wholesale and Private Labeling
Our fragrance specialists will personally guide you through creating your very own masterpiece perfume or cologne with our 22 Scented Journey fragrance blends. You will also learn a brief history about the art of perfume making. A bottle of perfume or cologne is included in the price of the workshop.
$55 per person (workshop & 30 mL perfume/cologne)
$75 per person (workshop & 100mL perfume/cologne)
By Appointment Only
Explore our 500+ fragrant and essential oils with a fragrance specialist, and blend them into any of our high-quality products.
See product list for pricing details
Appointments necessary for groups of 6+ guests
Our fragrance specialists have pre-blended their favorite fragrant and essential oils into timeless and unique scents available in all of our products.
See product list for pricing details
No appointment necessary
Wholesale and Private Labeling opportunities are available. Please contact us directly for additional information and pricing inquiries.
Products and Pricing
Body Mist
Roll-on Oil
Dry Oil Spray
Sugar Scrub
Body Whip
Body Wash
Massage Oil
Room Diffuser
Candle (8oz)
Candle (16oz)
Oil Warmer (4oz)
Oil Warmer (8oz)
Perfume & Cologne
Scented Studio is the perfect place to host your next event! Bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are fun for all ages during our after-hours parties. Bring food, drinks, and decorations to set the scene for your personalized experience.
Contact us!
215 Detroit St. Denver, CO, 80206
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