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New England

History project

Alyssia Briggin

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of New England

Here thee, Here thee,
Welcome to the New England Colonies
we have some very fine pieces of property,to chose from. New England Colonies These are the New England's Colonies. Maine, was part
of Massachusetts and Vermont was part of New Hampshire. This is how women helped in the New England Colonies. One of the many fine things about the New England's colonies is that they had religious freedom. Along with the Middle and Southern Colonies. The New England Colonies had Indentured Servants. Their economy was very rough for farming
such as tobacco and corn. Fish heads helped
the growing of the plants. The advantages of living in the colonies are, the women have more rights then what they did in England.The widows could also own property of her husband's. The climate of the New England colonies was colder than the other two colonial regions because they were farthest north. The climate was a positive factor for the colonists in the New England Colonies;it prevented the spread of life-threatening diseases. They had fishing,whaling, ship building,craftsmen and agriculture in their economy. Who lived in the colony, you might be asking? Let me tell you about a famous person that lived in the New England Colonies, John Winthrop who lead a ship of puritans across the sea. Another fine thing about the New England's Colonies was that they were able to trade throughout the 3 triangular trade routes which gave them many products to trade with other colonies or country's for their ship goods. When the people came to the New England Colonies they signed a contract called the Mayflower Compact that is a legal contract in which they agree to have fair laws to protect the general goods This was our presentation on the New England Colonies! We hoped you in joyed it, bye. By; Alyssia Briggin,
Tabitha Kennedy
Ryan Cook This is what life was like in the New England Colonies Women worked as indentured servants to pay off their debt,
or as midwives that helped deliver the wives babies and helped the family around the house.They also ran their husband's business. They could also hold religious sermonizes. Widows could own part of their husband estate.

Fun Facts!
The geography of New England was mostly hills with rocky soil.
The natural resources of the New England Colonies
The natural resources of the New England Colonies included fish, whales, trees and furs.
The natural resources were more important than agricultural crops to colonists in
New England because of poor, rocky soil and the short growing season. Religion in the
New England Colonies The main function of New England towns was to support the religion of the Puritans.
Religious freedom in Puritan colonies did not exist. The Puritan's world view did not tolerate other religions. The disadvantages of living in the New England Colonies was that the climate was also a negative. When it came to the severe winters illness fell a pone the colonists that ended up killing many of the people of the colony taking 360 lives and leaving 40 behind. The soil was not fertile for growing crops on the other hand, it was very rocky soil.
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