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Minoan Timeline

Art History

Anna Mills

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Minoan Timeline

7000 BC 2000 BC 3000 BC 4000 BC 5000 BC 6000 BC 1000 BC Minoan Timeline The oldest evidence of inhabitants
on Crete are preceramic Neolithic
farming community remains that date
to approximately 7000 BCE. Bronze Age began in
Crete around 2700 BCE. Large disturbance in Crete, probably
an earthquake, or possibly aninvasion
from Anatolia. The palaces at Knossos,
Phaistos, Malia, and Kato Zakros were
destroyed in 1700 BCE. Another natural catastrophe
around 1600 BCE, possibly
an eruption of the Thera volcano. Around 1450 BCE, Minoan culture
experienced a turning point due to
a natural catastrophe, possibly an
earthquake. Several importantpalaces
and the living quarters of Knossos
were destroyed. The palace in
Knossos. seems to have remained
largely intact. 1550-1450 BC 1550-1450 BC 1450-1375 BC 525 - 500 BC 530 - 520 BC 1300 -1200 BC 550 - 530 BC The Bull Motif Other Motifs 1550 BC 1550 BC 1600-1550 BC 1600-1450 BC 1800-1700 BC bees octopus harvesters goddess marine life marine life & dolphins 1550 BC note: all motifs are based on agriculture and animals except for the goddess sculpture.
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