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Philip Malloy

No description

aiste smith

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Philip Malloy

Philip Malloy
Philip is disrespectful, dishonest, and foolish. In the novel,
Nothing but the Truth
by Avi, Philip demonstrates these three characteristics.
Philip Malloy Nothing but the Truth cover
Foolish 1
Philip says some unnecessary things to Miss Narwin.

"Yeah, but what if he's cross eyed? He'd see himself then, wouldn't he?" (Avi pg.48)
dishonest 1
Philip stretches the truth about "just" singing and how he was just being patriotic

"-and, I like to sing along." (Avi pg.97)

makes up excuses
Disrespectful 3
Allison wanted to talk to Philip when she attempted to on the bus he was rude and hurt her feelings.
Disrespectful 1
On his exam he gave a unnecessary response which made his teacher Miss Narwin upset.

Philip was asked to stop humming by Miss Narwin but he did not listen and continued to be a disturbance.
Philip Malloy pg.18 "a book that takes up so much time about a dog is pretty dumb."
Disrespectful 2
"Miss Narwin asked you to stop. you didn't. you continue to sing. you were disobedient so she asked you to leave." (Avi pg.63)
"just don't feel like talking" Avi pg. 49
A person can learn from Philip Malloy who is a dynamic character that even though you think you are correct in the beginning your mind may change later on. In the beginning of the book, Philip thought he was right and that he should be aloud to sing but in the end he wasn't so sure.
Foolish 2
Philip sings the National anthem when he was not supposed to

"This is a time for listening now, please, stop singing."(Avi pg.60)
dishonest 2
dishonest 3
foolish 3
Philip says he was just humming,when he was singing obnoxiously

"I was humming" (Avi pg.57)
Philip says he doesn't want to be on the track team when he really does. its an excuse so he doesn't have to work in Miss Narwin's class

"just because you did, doesn't mean i have to."(Avi pg.37)

Philip says this when he is talking to his dad
He asked Miss Narwin for extra work after treating her so badly.

"To get my grade up - I was going to ask for extra work..." (Avi pg.178)
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