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The Augean Stables

No description

Ava M.

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of The Augean Stables

For his punishment, Hercules had to complete 12 "impossible" labors which were created by the King Eurystheus.

The Augean Stables
The Fifth Labor of Hercules
Who is King Eurystheus?
King Eurystheus is the cousin of Hercules. He is the king of Mycenae and Tiryns.
King Augeas
King Augeas owned the most cattle in Greece. Some people say that he was a son of one of the great gods, and others that he was a son of a mortal Augeas was a very rich man.
Why is Hercules Doing 12 Labors?

Hera did not like Hercules so she made him lose his mind and he killed his family.
Hercules' Labor
King Eurystheus wanted Hercules to clean The Augean Stables in one day.

What Did Hercules Do?
Hercules made two holes in the walls of the horse stables and bent two rivers to flood out the filth from one hole to the other.
What two rivers did Hercules use to clean The Augean Stables?
The Alpheus and the Peneus Rivers.
The Augean Stables
The Augean Stables are owned by King Augeas. The stables contain bulls,horses and cattle.
Here is a picture of the rivers used:
New Vocab Words:
Prodigious: remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree.
Impudence: the quality of being impudent; impertinence
Knave: a dishonest or unscrupulous man.
Appalled: greatly dismay or horrify.
Chasm: a deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface.
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