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Presentation of Liping, Sasha and Antonella

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Aleksandra Lazareva

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Presentation of Liping, Sasha and Antonella

Presentation of Liping, Sasha and Antonella
What is this presentation about?
Hello! We are three Master's degree students from the Learning, Education and Technology program (LET) in the University of Oulu. In this short presentation, we would like to tell you a little bit about who we are and show some pictures. We hope that it will be interesting for you!
Home country: Russia
Speaks: Russian, English, Norwegian
Likes: heavy music, winter, running, pear ice cream, sauna, watching movies, sea, salmiakki, walking, nature, seals, mountains
Dislikes: shopping, hot weather, dancing
Hobbies & interests: sports, playing drums, cooking
Educational background: language teacher
Professional experience: teaching and peer tutoring; research in the field of ICT in teaching foreign languages
Home country: Italy
Speaks: Italian, English, Finnish
Likes: travelling, nature, long walks, dogs, salmiakki, tea, colors, siberian huskies
Dislikes: dark winters, loud noises, being in a hurry
Hobbies & interests: movies, biking, penpalling,
Educational background: comparative languages and literature studies
Professional experience: language teacher to adults, voluntary teacher to immigrant children
Home country: China
Language speaks: Chinese, English
Likes: stay with the family, watching movies, ice-cream, cakes, pineapples, fish
Dislikes: noise, crowd, disorder, bugs, winter
Hobbies & interests: travelling, reading, play table-tennis, cleaning
Educational background: Master's Degree of Philosophy
Professional experience: tutoring, teaching
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