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Wolf and Dog Pack Hierarchy and Behaviors

English Class Project Kaiti Vida 5/11/11 Call of the Wild Pre-read Project

Kimberli Vida

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Wolf and Dog Pack Hierarchy and Behaviors

Wolves live in a group called a pack. Packs are made up of family. Wolves can get lonely. That is why they howl to call their pack. It's like saying "I am over here!" or "Come here! I am lonely." Wolves also hunt in packs to get food. Puppies play together to grow stronger and learn to hunt. It also establishes who will be the leader of the puppies, the next Alpha. In a pack there is the leader, known as the Alpha, and the second in command, or the Beta. Alpha is the first letter in the latin alphabet and beta is the second. There are other positons but the Alpha pair and the Beta are the most important. The way it is determined who the Alpha and the Beta will be is by play fighting. The strongest is the Alpha and the second best is Beta. The Alpha are the strongest male and female they are the only ones to have offspring and will be mates for life. Wolves are portrayed as violent and vicious creatures but are actually extremely shy and run away at the sight of humans. They are also extremely loyal. If pet wolves are abandoned they will stop eating and starve to death from sadness. If their mate dies they will not get another one. Pups under two to three years old do not have a position in the pack but have to listen to their older syblings. The rules of a pack are complex and so is communtication. They communticate by body language. The dominate wolf will use direct eye contact. This restablishes the ranking. If a wolf shows it's belly, it is submitting. If a wolf bends down with it's head, ears, and tail down, it is also submitting. The grey wolf is Canis Lupis, the red wolf
is Canis Rufus, and the domestic dog
is Canis Familiaris. Wolves eat mostly meat, but if needed, they will eat mice, birds, fish, berries, earthworms, and grasshoppers. They eat their food quickly so other animals cannot steal it. They eat the best part first then they will hide it in snow or ice to preserve it and come back to it later. For more information go to http://www.wolfweb.com/facts-pack.html.
Thanks for watching! U^.^U Wolf and Dog Pack Behaviors and Mentality
Kaiti Vida
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