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Team Cornellius

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of LGBTQ

The Public Eye of the Private mind
What Is LGBTQ?
What does it mean to be LGBTQ?
Sexual Identity
Laws and Rights
Religion and Spirituality
Online Views

Vision: We don't think that people should make a big deal about what the LGBTQ community does. They should be allowed to do what they want like everybody else because we are all human, which means we should all have the same rights and freedoms as long as what they are doing does not infringe on the rights of others.
Societal Views On
LGBTQ Movement
There are many countries with anti gay laws. For example, in Russia, gay teenagers are being tortured and forcibly outed on the internet against a backdrop of laws that are completely different with the rest of Europe. These are being called rolling the LGBTQ people back to the Stalin era. President Putin passed a number of anti gay laws including a legislation that punishes people or groups that distribute information on non traditional sexual relations. This is considered propaganda and Russia also has the power to arrest foreign citizens that they believe to be gay, or supporters of homosexuality.

LGBTQ is an initialism for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer/Questioning
LGBTQ is intended to emphasize diversity of sexuality and gender identity based on culture
it is also used to refer to anyone non heterosexual or cisgender
-Lesbian is a women who feels sexual attraction to women
-Gay is a man who feels sexual attraction to men
-Bisexual a person who feels sexual attraction to both genders
-Transgender is the state of ones gender identity or their expression, which does not match their assigned sex. Transgender is independent from sexual orientation. Transgender people experience characteristics and actions which is usually associated with the opposite sex

The term LGBTQ often refers to the non-heterosexual or non-cisgender community without being exclusive to specific sexualities.
The Q was added to include people who identify as queer or in questioning.
Identifying as being part of LGBTQ depends whether or not the person lives in a discriminatory environment, and/or the status of LGBTQ rights are prevalent in their area.
Afghanistan - imprisonment
Algeria - fine, jail for 3 years
Angola - fine, jail, labour camp
Antigua - 15 years jail
Bangladesh - fine, 10 years prison
Belize - 10 years prison
Bhutan - 1 month to 1 year prison
Barbados - life in prison
Brunie - 10 years prison
Botswana - five years prison
Brundi - 2 years jail
Cameroon - 5 years jail
Comorso - 5 years jail
Dominica - 25 years prison/psychiatric help
Egypt - jail
Etirea - jail 3 years
Ethiopia - 1 year to 10 years prison
Gambia - 14 years prison
Ghana - 5 to 25 years prison
Grenada - 10 years prison
Guinea - fine 3 to 6 years jail
Guyana - life in prison
Jamaica - 10 years prison
Iran - death penalty
Kenya - 14 to 25 years prison
Kirbatti - 14 years prison
Kuwati - 7 years jail
Lebanon - 1 year prison
Liberia - 1 year prison
Libya - 5 years jail
Malawi - 14 years prison possible corpral punishment
Malaysia - 20 years prison/whipping
Moldres - arrest for women banishment whipping men
Mauritania - death penalty by stoning
Maurtius - 5 years prison men,women its legal
Morocco - 3 to 6 years jail
Myanmar - fine 10 years prison
Nambia - undetermined prison sentence
Naru - labour for 14 years
Nigeria - death for men, whipping or imprisonment for women
Oman - Six years in jail
Pakistan - 2 years in prison
Palau - 10 years in prison
Papua New Guinea - 14 years in prison
Qatar - 7 years in prison, death for muslims, corporal punishment
Samoa - 7 years in prison
Sao Tome and Principe - hard labour
Saudi Arabia - death by public stoning
Sierra Leone - life imprisonment
Singapore - 2 years in jail for men, legal for women
Solomon Islands - 14 years in prison
Somolia - death by stoning, jail in southern regions
South Sudan - fine, 10 years imprisonment
Sri Lanka - fine, 10 years imprisonment
St.Kitts and Nevis - 10 years in prison, hard labour
St.Lucia - 10 years in prison
St.Vincent and the Grenadines - 10 years in prison
Sudan - 5 years in prison, flogging to death
Swaziland - fine, 2 years in jail
Syria - 3 years in jail
Tanzania - 20 years or life imprisonment
Togo - fine, 1~3 years in jail
Tonga - 10 years in prison, whipping
Trinidad and Tobago - 25 years in prison
Tunisia - 3 years in prison for men, legal for women
Tuvalu - 14 years in prison
Tukmenisten - five years in prison for men, legal for women
Uganda - 14 years ~ life imprisonment
United Arab Emirates - various punishments, death sentence
Uzbekistan - 3 years in prison for men
Yemen - prison for 7 years, 100 lashes, stoning (depends of gender and circumstance)
Zambia - 15 years ~ life imprisonment
Zimbabwe - fine, 10 years prison for men, legal for women
-Sexual identity is how one thinks of oneself in how they are romantically or sexually attracted to
-Sexual identity may also refer to ones who identify or dis identify with a sexual orientation or choose not to identify at all
-Sexual identity and Sexual behavior are closely linked to sexual orientation but they differ with Identity referring to ones conception of themselves.
-Behavior refers to actual sexual acts performed by the individual.
-Orientation refers to romantic or sexual attraction to the opposite the same or both sexes,or having no sexual attraction at all
List of anti-homosexual countries
The difference between Sex & Gender (according to the World Health Organization) is as follows:
- "Sex" refers to the
characteristics that define men and women.
- "Gender" refers to the
socially constructed
roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.
Gender Roles

Gender roles are defined by society culture.
It is a standard of how a person with a given gender should act, behave, and even think.
Gender roles are formed by contrasting femininity and masculinity, even though there are a plethora of exceptions regarding this aspect.
As society changes in different countries, gender roles will also change as well.
There is an ongoing debate as to what extent are gender roles biologically influenced and socially constructed.

Various movement groups such as the feminist movement aspire to change the definition of gender roles as they currently deem them as inaccurate or false.
Some differences between gender and sex include:
- Women menstruate while men do not
- Men generally have more massive bones than women
- In most of the world, women do more housework than men
-Men are told to be buff whereas women are told to be slim.
The LGBTQ rights are considered human rights and civil rights. These rights include:
-Allowing men who have sex with men to donate blood
-Government recognition of same sex relationships
-Allowing LGBTQ people to adopt children
-Anti bullying legislation/student non discrimination to protect LGBTQ students and children
-Anti discrimination for housing and employment
-Hate crime laws that provide enhanced criminal charges to those who show prejudice or violence to LGBTQ people or community
-Equal age of consent laws
-Equal access to assisted reproductive technology
-Access to reassignment surgery or hormone replacement
-Legal recognition and accommodation for reassigned gender
-Laws that relate to sexual orientation and enrollment in the military or police services
During the British North America Era, homosexuality for men resulted in capital punishment. However, there are no recorded deaths and political figures who enforced the law.
Same-sex sexual act had been decriminalized since 1969.
Same-sex marriage was already legalized in eight of ten provinces and one of three territories beginning in 2003.
On 2005, Canada became the first country outside Europe and the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.
Same-sex adoption has also been legal in all provinces and territories under varying rules.
Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public and private accommodations is banned nationwide whilst discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression vary by province and territory.
By Three Straight, Cisgendered Guys
Angelo Spencer Hirotoshi
Within some religions, especially those shaped and influenced by Abrahamic tradition, have censored homosexual acts and relationships at various times, in some cases implementing harsh punishments.

Indian religions have more of a "grey-area" view on homosexuality. For example, many Sikh people are not against gay marriage. However, Sikh authorities want the population to support laws against it. But as there is no written view on the matter, Sikh people state that the sacred scriptures promote equality and choose to view homosexuality with that philosophy.

Other religions such as neopaganism, satanism, and the philosophy of humanism are more open to homosexuality and the LGBTQ movement.
Societal views depend greatly on the culture as each country have different rules, regulations, and legal rights toward homosexuality.

In some countries, appropriate and inappropriate sexuality is defined which allows or disapproves same-sex love or sexual actions. Even with heterosexual people, they will be differentiated with gender, age, social class, and social status.
Opinions may also greatly depend on how connected someone is to the topic. A person may have a relative, a friend, or a role model who is identified as a homosexual and will support the movement to support their loved ones.
There will also be people who will simply follow mainstream and popular opinions. Though this may be a good thing, here may be a dearth of progressive support for the movement.

Gay = male likes male
Lesbian = women likes women
Transgender = gender identity does not match assigned gender
Pansexual = sexual attraction /love to anyone of any sex or gender identity
Bisexual = sexual attraction to both sexes
Transvestite = one who dresses or acts like the other sex
Cisgender = one gender identity gender expression biologically allign
Asexual = a person who does not feel sexual attraction to anyone
Androgny = a gender expression that has elements of both masculinity and femininity
Bigender = a person who fluctuates between women and man gender behaviours and identities intertying with both genders
Cis -Man= a person who identifies as a man and presents himself as a man
Cis-woman = women who identifies herself femininely/ as a female
Closeted = a person who is keeping their sexuality or gender identity secret to individuals in their life.
Drag king = a woman who performs as a man
Drag Queen = a man who performs as a woman
Hetrosexual = a person who is attracted to the opposite sex
Hypersex = sexual attraction with intensity bordering on insanity or addiction
Intersex = a person with a specific set of anatomy that doesn't fit within the labels of female/male
Skoliosexual = attracted to gender queer and transexual people and expression
Third gender = a person who does not identify with the traditional genders but identify as a separate identity
4chan is an imageboard website that encourages anonymity. 4chan is split into various boards based on specific topics ranging from weapons to origami.

Some of these boards support the LGBTQ community (/LGBT/), but various boards such as
/random, /ROBOT9001, /politically incorrect, can have people continue to use "LGBTQ terms" with a negative connotation without any backlash.
Being anonymous allows users to comment about anything for any post. The only hinderance from their "free speech" would be the moderators looking over each board who could ban you the site for a certain period of time.
But with much leniency, anybody can make fun of and tease anybody else. This includes homosexuals, the mentally handicapped, and simply people of different ethnicities.

Unfortunately, we may never know whether an insult is from legitimate anger or just to enrage others.
This culture is very common within this community and it is something to expect from time to time. People are discriminatory against each other and the LGBTQ community is not an exception.

In the more "influential" sections of tumblr, LGBTQ and sexual identity is highly discussed, idolized, and defended to the point of obsession. Although Tumblr supports the supposed "right ideas", the method to promote such ideologies is heavily criticized and overly protected.

In Tumblr, anybody who is part of LGBTQ or has rather unorthodox sexual identities are immediately justified and
supported. Users are known to encourage homosexuality and justice for minorities; however, this form of culture had somehow formulated hatred toward cis-gendered white males. Caucasian males are progressively known as the "oppressive majority" and "the problem with society."

Tumblr inhabits users with a wide range of identities concerning their sexuality and their physical being.
Although it's now normal to talk openly about sexuality, Tumblr has reached the point where it is not uncommon to see more "obscure" ideas and thoughts.
For example, a certain group considers themselves as "otherkin" which means that they identify as not a human, but rather as an animal or creature inside of a human body.

Third Gender
Third gender or third sex is the concept that individuals who don't identify as a man or women but as something else

list of countries and their names for the third sex/gender:
Asia pacific -Indonesia waria. The Bugis culture of Sulawesi has been described of having three sexes Male,Female, Intersex as well as five genders with distinct social roles
Europe-England mollies/Balkans femminiello in Neapolitan culture

-Social conventions say that there are two types of people male and female based on their genitalia. But many cultures have recognized people who were neither man or women. A third gender began to come about thanks to activists and policymakers.
-A history of third gender 385-380BC Greek philosopher Plato wrote symposium in which men at a drinking party philosophize about the nature of love.
-Aristophanes a comic playwright tells a story of creation in which the original human nature includes a third sex, this sex was a distinct kind, with a bodily shape and name of its own consulted by the union of male and female.
Reddit is an entertainment site, social networking, and news website. It is labeled as the "Front Page of the Internet".

The site is used by people of all ages ranging from teenagers to seniors. Because of this, Reddit's views vary. However, the dominant demographic of this website is liberal. Reddit is quite accepting to the LGBTQ movement and even has a subreddit dedicated to those that are interested in it. (r/LGBTQ).

Although Reddit is anonymous to an extent, Reddit is more open to the public making people careful about what they are commenting. Talking bad about LGBTQ will likely respond with defensive and negative replies. Redditors are aware of this and will only talk ill of LGBTQ when they have a strong, structured, and thoughtful. Otherwise, people will complain and the user may get banned from the site.

As Reddit is full of differing sexual identities, people are able to be in contact with them easily to ask questions and learn the differences and similarities between lives of the LGBTQ community.

Countries where there are LGBT rights in:
sexual activity
recognition of union
military service
anti-discrimination laws
gender/identity expression

Argentina (sort of)
Brazil (sort of)
Caribbean Netherlands
Colombia (sort of)
French Guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Israel (sort of)
Malta (sort of)

Mexico (sort of)
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Puerto Rico (sort of)
Saint Barthélemy
Saint Martin
Saint Pierre et Miquelon
South Africa
United Kingdom (sort of)
United States (sort of)
United States Virgin Islands (sort of)
Wallis and Futuna
The Roman Catholic church welcomes homosexuals, but teaches that same-sex relationships and acts are considered sinful.
Some Protestant churches identify all sexual relations outside of traditional marriage between a man and a woman as sinful.
Others do not consider homosexual relations as immoral and will hold same sex marriages.
The views of homosexual acts are influenced and guided by the rulings within the Qur'an and the teachings of the prophet Muhammed. The common interpretation of the Qur'an disapproves of sexual acts. However, transsexuals are usually accepted as they may be allowed subsidized sex reassignment surgery.
The views of homosexuality in Hinduism is widely spread as some are accepting, some are neutral toward the subject, and some are seen as antagonistic. In Hindu society, sexuality is rarely discussed openly as the LGBT issues are considered taboo. A "third gender" has been acknowledged and they live throughout India and in the margins of society. Some Hindu texts claim that some are born with a mix of male and female characteristics or sexually neuter. One sacred text recognized and approves of homosexuality. Nevertheless, some Hindu religious laws are against homosexual activity; however, some mythologies and carvings on temples and artifacts do contain depictions of homosexuality. The knowledge of homosexuality is common in Hinduism, but the views on the topic ranges widely and are not often expressed.
The early history of Buddhism appears to have no special view or stigma toward homosexual relations since the subject was never mentioned. Currently, traditions and cultures are not in favour of homosexuality acts and contact. Dalai Lama has mentioned that same-sex relations are considered sexual misconduct; it's bad for Buddhism but not for society.
In Sikhism, there are no specific teachings about homosexuality. Homosexuality is not a concern within religious teachings as Sikhism sees all as equals regardless of race, caste, gender, or sexuality.
The Torah does state homosexual acts are considered sinful and that willful violation of the rule can be punishable by death. However, some say that the "sexual acts" only apply to sexual anal act and not in relation to sexual orientation and other sexual deeds. Some will see homosexuality on the same basis as heterosexuality. Progressive jewish authorities believe that laws against homosexuality is not permanent and is subject to change as they should reflect new understandings of sexuality.

What things going on that are supporting/opposing LGBTQ?

Is there enough awareness?

Is the LGBTQ community being taken seriously in media? online? socially?

What would the world look like if all sexuality is equal? Are we reaching that?

What is preventing us from abolition this inequality?

What does it even mean to be equal? Is that really what we want?
Thanks for Watching
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