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Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

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Caroline Krueger

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

Option for the poor and vulnerable By: Audrey Siana, Caroline Krueger, and Mora Fetterolf Statistics Since 2000, the number of impoverished Americans has grown by about 6 million to a total of 37 million. Homeless children are more likely to have learning disabilities and
emotional and behavioral problems.
Twelve million of the adults in the United States have
been homeless at least once in their lives.
The U.S. Census Bureau defines poor families as those with cash
incomes of less than $15,067 a year for a family of three.
The average homeless family is a 27 year-old single mother with
two children under the age of six.
What is Poverty? Poverty is a state in which many people live in, that includes a small income and few material possesions. People who are considered poor, often can't afford shelter, food, schooling, or other living nessesities. Organizations Involved With This Teaching Shelters welfare free clinics charities Video option for the poor and vulnerable- CST The Catholic Social Teachings all stress how we all should follow Jesus to achieve social justice in our world today. Because we know all people have human dignity we treat everyone with the respect they deserve-depsite their financial or health situation. Why do you think it is so important to help the poor and vulnerable that it was made a Catholic Social Teaching? Review Name three organizations that go along with this CST? What can we do to help the poor and vulnerable in our community? Why should we try to help the poor and vulnerable? What does the Church teach us about responding to those in need around us? The option for the poor and vulnerable teaches catholics that it is our own obligation as members of God's family to help those who are in need in any way we can Thank you! How do you think the Catholic Church specifically can focus more on helping the poor and vulnerable? Although most people think that poverty-stricken people live far away, there are many poor people in our own communities. Articles
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