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the scientist

-- future -- UCP documentation [2009/12/14] data evaluation issued before 2009/12/07

Marco Sparmberg

on 14 December 2009

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Transcript of the scientist

YOU GO? CHINA the scientist A small collection of future perspectives and advices for young filmmakers where to? The future for online film projects seems to hold unlimited opportunities and no one can predict for certain any specific trend or direction since both, the web and the film business are constantly undergoing dramatic changes and developments.

But two major and important streams are already evident: CHINA MOBILE
CONTENT When a young filmmaker can cope both by maintaining innovative spirit and coming up with new genuine ideas for future projects, then he surely can only win. We discovered there is definitely a huge potential within both sectors, especially when one combines them. However, the access key to both seems to be the social media platforms. It is for certain each of the various social networking channels throughout the internet attracts a different clientele. A filmmaker can now aim for the widest coverage possible and try to apply his/her project to all of them or rather work selective since there are huge distinctions between those audiences - habits, style, demand and so on. Market surveillance is indispensable. And our biggest advice to young filmmakers only can be: - plan in advance

- no short-term thinking
However, to produce with and for the web market also means to change once own thinking model when it comes to filmmaking. The classic chain of writing-producing-distributing does exclude the audience right until the end and does not work here. Each and every project has to start with the audience and ends with them! Interactivity and direct audience engagement on every level of production is only consequent and therefore calls for a constant reinterpretation of the medium film itself. Interesting:

The BBC is currently running an extensive open-source documentary project covering the 20 years of internet development:
UCP future The UCP future is already planned. We will continue in 2010. Our big objective is the Chinese market. With a small campaign we attempt to test how Chinese users will react on an interactive open-source film project. By involving a native web manager we will launch a RenRen page, a Youku version of the UCP film (incl. Chinese subtitles) as well as seed the film on various popular BBS pages.
Meanwhile the seeding of the film continues throughout the “Western” side of the web. We have a number of short film portals and festivals to cope. However, first international recognition could already been gained. People from the Austrian based Ars Electronica festival already approached us and we talked on a submission for their 2010 issue. comment: http://prezi.com/14tcttn14hrq/ write massage: mail@m-sp.net discuss: http://www.facebook.com/ucp2009?v=app_2373072738 interview live video stream interview with Michael Sokolar
Vienna (Austria) based independend filmmaker focused on social media tie-in productions http://www.sokolar.com/blog/ the interview was taken on December 13th between Vienna and Hong Kong
and is giving a rough summary of the topic as well as small advices to young filmmakers

major points:
bring your audience engaged ASAP
attache it to the project on various levels
be honest and 'authentic'
"never give up"
The interview brought up the word "CROWDSOURCING", a really important and valuable variable within the whole process of social media filmmaking. What is Crowdsourcing? is a Neogolism shaped 2006 by 'Wired' Magazin´s Jeff Howe und Mark Robinson
the "I will ask the audience" joker, also known as collective intelligence
which discribes the outsourcing process of various, originally in-house, procedures on the intelligence and labour of outsiders, inviting non-experts, hobbyists, amateurs and hackers
taken on film it would describe the various interactions, engagements and contributions from the audience or fan base on the social media open-source film project throughout the whole production period http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdsourcing useful links: article "The Crowd is wise (When It’s Focused)" from New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/19/technology/internet/19unboxed.html/?_r=1 the initial Wired article http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/14.06/crowds.html "A journalist's guide to crowdsourcing" http://www.ojr.org/ojr/stories/070731niles/ article "Vom König zum Knecht" from Zeit Online (in German only) http://www.zeit.de/2006/39/Do-it-yourself How about YOU???
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