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Student and Learning Services

No description

Taina Rytkönen-Suontausta

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Student and Learning Services


Katja Mielonen
Suvi Räty
Satu Turkka
Pasi Karvonen
Tomi Kontio
Perttu Suhonen Contact Us Course Calendar and Enrollment

User Guides in UEF Wiki
https://wiki.uef.fi/display/opkmateriaalit ICT Training
and User Guides Technical and pedagogical support for the use of information and communication technology (incl. social media) in teaching
Support for electronic systems supporting teaching
Teaching and learning environments (e.g. Moodle, Adobe ConnectPro, Confluence Wiki)
Assessment and feedback systems (e.g. eLomake, electronic exam)
Other electronic teaching and studying systems available at the university (e.g. SmartBoard, tools and accessories, Lync, LifeRay)
User guides
Services available for all campuses IT Support
Services for Staff The PD Program integrates University Pedagogics and eLearning
PD Program is a 3-years lasting, non-degree, multi-disciplinary staff training program
The UEF PD-program in University Pedagogics and eLearning is aimed to support the expertise of the teaching staff and development of teaching Place to
Relax and Chat Group
Study Room ICT HelpDesk Learning Technologies:
Support Services and Environments Pedagogical and eLearning training
Professional Development program, short term courses
Learning technology support services
Maintaining and developing the learning environments
ICT classrooms, auditoriums
eLearning; Moodle, Social media, Videoconference teaching
Support for study counsellors
Staff mobility services Learning technology support: ICT HelpDesk, Independent and group study facilities (Learning Centers), electronic exam
Training services: ICT skills, Learning skills
Administrative student services: diplomas, transcript of records, study grants,
Mobility services, study and career counselling
Study psychologist Student and Learning Services . Our University
with Three Campuses The University of Eastern Finland has three campuses in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna.
The Vision for 2015
The University of Eastern Finland is an internationally recognized research and teaching university, which is among the three most important universities in Finland and among the leading 200 universities in the world. Medicine
Forest Sciences
Health Sciences
Social Sciences. Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level education in 12 fields of study:
Educational Sciences
Business Studies
Natural Sciences Fields of Study Philosophical Faculty (Joensuu and Savonlinna)
Faculty of Science and Forestry (Joensuu and Kuopio)
Faculty of Health Sciences (Kuopio)
Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies (Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna). Four Faculties Approximately 15,000 degree students.
Approximately 16,000 Open University and continuing education students.
Approximately 1,100 international degree and exchange students.
Annual intake of new students: 2,400.
In 2010, the university conferred a total of 2,499 degrees, of which 109 were doctorates.
Approximately 2,800 members of staff. UNIVERSITY OF
Student and Learning Services Independent
Study Rooms Learning technology services
Training services
Administrative student services
Recruitment and applicant services
Services are provided to all campuses in equal manner. See http://www.uef.fi/opinto-ja-opetuspalvelut/sahkoinen-tentti or
Send an email to Oppitupa at oppitupa@uef.fi for further information. Further Information
and Support The duration of an exam is 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours.
An exam in the system is available for a certain period of time.
The exam system selects a set of questions for each student from among the questions entered into the system by the teacher.
The computers allow acces only to the exam student has enrolled.
Oquestion types are: essays (just text), multiple choice questions (selection of an alternative), true/false statements, short answers (one-word answers)
Only body text can be used. Electronic exam
in a nutshell Rooms for completing electronic exams can be found on all campuses.
Joensuu Campus: Carelia building, 2nd floor, room 2A12. The exam room fits six students at a time.
Kuopio Campus: Mediteknia building, 1st floor, room 1029. The exam room fits eight students at a time.
Savonlinna Campus: room B118b at the library. The exam room fits two students at a time.
The electronic exam system is available at: http://stentti.uef.fi/ Where? No need to take care of the practical arrangements of the exam (e.g. exam supervision, facility bookings).
You only have to create the exam questions once.
You can flexibly define a period of time during which the exam is available.
Correction of exams becomes easier, as answers written on a computer are easier to read than those written by hand, and they are often also better structured.
The system has several question types; e.g. in multiple-choice questions the system selects a set of questions and checks the answers automatically.
It is easy to start using the electronic exam as Oppitupa will upload your questions in the system. Benefits for the Teacher The electronic exam system allows students to take exams independently on a computer in facilities with video surveillance. Exams in the electronic exam system are available for a period of time defined by the teacher and the student can take them at a time of his or her choice.

The electronic exam system of the University of Eastern Finland allows students to complete literature exams, maturity tests, lecture exams and level exams online. Electronic Exam Fill the electronic exam order form
Oppitupa will enter the questions to the system
Log in at https://stentti.uef.fi/  you will be marked as a teacher to your exam
You will get a notfication of an completed exam
Log in to the system and you will be able to evaluate the exams Teachers
Process in Short You can complete the exam at a time that is most convenient for you.
You can schedule your studies.
You can complete the exam at a campus of your choice.
Course books are better available as the exam can be taken over a longer period of time.
Silent exam room.
Possibility to complete the exam on a computer (no writing by hand, possibility to edit and structure your answers on a computer). Benefits for the Students The Professional Development
Programme on
University Pedagogy and eLearning UEF in
a Nutshell Student and
Learning Services The Key Services
for Students and Staff Services for Students Services for the Staff OPPITUPA
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