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Marseille and Nice

No description

Chelsea Dykes

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Marseille and Nice

Double click anywhere & add an idea Marsielle and Nice :D Nice is southern France
near the Mediterranean coast. It is nicknamed Nice La Belle.
meaning: Nice the beautiful :) Nice is the capital Cote d'Azur.
or the French Rivera. it is also believed to be
one of the oldest human
settlements,dating back
to the first usage of fire. the city features several
shopping centres: Nice Etoile,
Nice TNL, Nice Lingostiere, St-Isidore,
the Trinity, and Cap3000. the cap3000 is the area's
biggest largest shopping
centre. housing over 100
shops. Marseille is located on
the Southeast coast of the
Mediterranean. This is the oldest city in FRance. Marseille is the second most
populous city behind Paris,
with a population of 852,395 people. People from Marseille are called Marseillais :) Marseille is France's
largest commercial port.
Fishing remains important to the food economy. The local catch brings in the local money.
after the oil crisis in
the 1970's, the majority
of the ports have redeveloped
with money from the European Union. Marsielle and Nice :)
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