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China-Safe Project

How physics can be applied in the business world.

Rob Norback

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of China-Safe Project

The China-Safe Project How to Survive a Collision Money Matters Presenting...Presentations! Making 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 SWBAT Explain why some collisions cause objects to break and why others don't The Facts Collisions that Break Objects Occur Quickly Exert a large amount of force on the object Collisions that don't break objects Occur slowly Exert a small amount of force on an object Why do we care? We don't But we should! If you do well with this project it could result in a real world business oppertunity for you and your group members. Business is where you can make some real money! Project Application Anything that will streach or compress
will help increase the amount of time the
plate takes to collide with the ground We want the plate to slow down as slowly as possible + We can break bricks with our hands like this guy Practice Makes Perfect What do you know? 1) Explain why some collisions cause objects to break and why others don't 2) Explain how you can apply your knowledge of collisions to your
China-Safe Project. Give specific examples. Well, maybe not for some people... Foam, cotton, rubberbands, bungee cord Did he break his hand? Why or why not? A 7 year old girl is trained in martial arts and tries to break a block by
quickly kicking it with the bottom of her foot. The block doesn't break What is the most likely reason this occured? In order to prevent this A student builds this Assuming the unexpected doesn't happen.
Explain why you think the egg will or wont
break in terms of time collision takes and
the amount of force the egg experiences. Bounce! SWBAT Explain the relationship between bouncing and the impulse on an object Properties of Collisions the ground has to exert enough impulse to change the momentum of the object to zero. When an object bounces, When an object falls on the ground, Long story short, you don't want your box to bounce because the impulse on your plate will be doubled! the ground has to exert enough impulse to throw the box back into the air the impulse on the box is doubled! The Facts Apply it! + = Impulse Impulse Egg Drop One person from each group come up to the front to get a shoebox You will have 35 min
to construct you test
device How did you apply it? 1) How did you apply your knowledge of the properties of collisions
today while building your test device?

2) How did you apply your knowledge about bouncing and impulse
today while building your test device? The only way we will know how well our
device does in a real collision will be to TEST IT!!! To test our China-Safe ideas on a smaller scale Hopefully you don't end up like this Remember: You want to test the ideas you will use for your china-safe project. Mr. Norback, why are we doing this? To apply what we have learned so far A Crash Course Don't do it! Under Pressure 3) SWBAT Explain how pressure
will impact a falling object 4) SWBAT Apply the concept
of pressure their China-Safe
Project Starter Think back to your egg drop
experiment on friday.

Why did we do an egg drop?

What did you learn from the
egg drop that you can apply
to building your project? A) If a force of 20N is exerted on a plate over an area of 0.2m squared, what is the pressure on the plate? B) If a force of 20N is exerted on a plate over an area of 0.05m squared, what is the pressure on the plate? Really?!?! Yeah, really. Maybe we're missing something... A pressure of 10 Nm^2 will crack an
egg. If an egg experiences a force of 30N, how much must the force be spread out in order to not break the egg. Which scenario would be better for you plate? Why? Pressure Define Pressure and a New Equation But wait, who cares?! I've got a problem Ouch!!! Pressure = Force / Area P = F / A p = mv Capital P Lowercase p How to solve pressure problems
Write down the given info and the unknown
Write down the formula and plug in the variables
Solve for the unknown
Remember the units! How much force is felt over a specific area No one! We want to spread out the force of the
collision as much as possible. In our
projects we need to make sure there are no
places that a force is concentrated on
our plate. 1) SWBAT Define Pressure 2) SWBAT Calculate Pressure How the heck do they do it? Why doesn’t the bed of nails pierce the Physics Teacher’s skin? Let's find out. The units for pressure are Nm^2
a) Pressure – Newton meters squared, Nm^2
b) Area – meters squared, m^2
c) Force – Newtons, N
What if we were able to spread out the force even more than the area of the plate? What if we were able to spread out the force over the
entire area of the plate? What ever happened to that
physics professor? How did his skin not get pierced by the nails? Let's find out You should know better by now... We care because it directly applies to China-Safe!
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