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Gothic FairyTales

No description

Stephanie Hill

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Gothic FairyTales

The Gothic Fairytale Features of the Gothic Novel include:

Atmosphere of gloom and tyranny.
Settings- the buildings and landscapes need to be desolate, alienating and full of menace.
Supernatural effects. – not just ghosts, but refers to anything which defies the laws of nature/ science.
Lost love, turned evil. Cinderella Snow White Your Assessment Homework Your Task Toolkit Research a Fairytale Turn your fairytale into a Gothic story. Sandman piece with feedback
Fairytale discussions
Gothic Word Bank
AF Sheets
Questions? Lost love turned evil How would you end your Gothic Snow White?
Write the final paragraph. Atmosphere of gloom and tyranny Does this already exist in Snow White? How can we improve on the original? 5 bullet point ideas. Supernatural effects Does this exist? Witches? Talking mirrors?? What else could you add? List of three supernatural beings and their roles. Setting Snow White is made to run away from home in the Disney version - write a paragraph about one part of the scene What to change the
setting to? Castle becomes dark and desolate. Not a place Cinders dreams of being...
How else could
we change it? Love lost turned evil No more happy ever after! Could Cinders kill her Prince? Could the Prince be a vampire and kill Cinders?
What else? Supernatural effects Could the fairy godmother be a witch? Could the Prince really be a beast?
What can you think of?
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