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The Force of Luck

No description

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Force of Luck

The Force of Luck
By Rudolfo A. Anaya

small village sometime in the nearby past, In the south.
Point of View
Rodolfo A. Anaya is a Mexican-American writer, born on October 30, 1937.
He was born in Pastura, New Mexico.
Anaya taught high school and college courses while writing novels and short stories.
He has received many awards and he has written poetry, anthologies, and children's books as well.
Rudolfo A. Anaya
The theme of the story is too always be truthful.

Turning Point and Climax
Finds unknown gem inside of a fish the neighbors caught for him.
later finds out that the gem was a diamond from the neighbors (Neighbors try and trick the Miller and wife).
sells the gem for $100,000
Uses $100,000 to start his own mill and gets supplies necessary to start the mill
Mill does very well
Makes enough money to fix house and summer cottage.
Brief Synopsis
• Two wealthy men had a heated argument, about how people become rich. One man implies that it’s fortunate that makes you rich, and the other one says that its luck that makes you a wealthy man.

• To prove his point on how money makes you the wealthy man, the man gave two hundred dollars to a poor miller, and tells him to keep the money, and do whatever you want with the money.

• The miller was shocked with the money, so he decided to go straight home when his work was done. When he was walking home, he was attacked by a huge hawk, and that hawk took the bag of money.

• Three months after the hawk incident, the two wealthy men returned to the miller’s village. Since the miller was honest, he told the two men that he lost the money. To the miller’s surprise, the two men gave him another two hundred dollars. The miller rejected, but the man insisted.

Brief Synopsis

• So he decided to put the money into a jar with grain in it. Turns out the wife sold the jar of bran. (Remember it has money in it.) The family was ruined again.

• The miller decided to tell the men again that he lost it. This time, the rich man with luck decided to give the man a worthless piece of led. Turns out that led proved a lot, because a fisherman used that led to catch a huge fish with his net.

• His wife gutted the fish, and there was a huge piece of glass in the stomach.

the wife went to the Jeweler and bartered the glass for $50 dollars. Turns out the glass was actually a diamond worth $100,000 dollars.

two men decided that it was their choice to believe that the reason why the miller was rich was because of luck or the money given by the rich man.

the miller then lives high class and finds the sac of money that the hawk took and the jar of bran with the money inside.

The Miller:
father and husband
poor, trying to start business
"...they came upon a Miller who was grinding corn and wheat. They paused to ask the man how he ran his business. The Miller replied that he worked for a master and that he earned four bits a day and with that he had to support a family of five" (Anaya 183).
The Man who believed in luck
thinks that luck can get you anywhere.
he believes luck is the true thing that makes you successful.
The Man who Believed in Money
Non trusting of people (When he thought he used the 400 to build the business)
thinks if people work hard and have money they can become rich
“Once two wealthy friends go into a heated argument” (Anaya 183)

• The conflict of “The Force of Luck” is being lucky vs. Misfortunate.
• Two men fight over how a man becomes wealthy.
One says money, Other says Luck
• They decided to give a miller $200.
• The miller loses $200, then another $200 because of his Unluckiness.
• So after the miller lost $400 dollars, the other man decided to give the miller a piece of led.
• That piece of led was used in a fishing net, and the fisherman gave the miller the biggest fish that he caught.

• That fish had a huge piece of glass.
o It was actually a diamond.
• Sold it for 100,000 dollars.
• The two men decided that it go either way in being rich in money, or being rich in luck.

1. Consoled, verb- sympathizes with, commiserate with, and show compassion for.

2. Spendthrift, noun- squanderer, waster; informal big spender.

3. Fuss, noun- excitement, agitation, pother, stir, commotion, confusion, disturbance.

4. Acquire, verb- obtain, come by, get, receive, and gain.

5. Bartering, verb- exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.

6. Jesting, noun- a thing said or done for amusement; a joke.

7. Earthenware, noun- pottery made of clay fired to a porous state that can be made impervious to liquids by the use of a glaze.

8. Unraveled, verb- undo, investigate and solve or explain.
3rd person limited
Emily Kanter, Karl Smith, Riley Leoni, Alec Piroso
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