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The Future of Energy in America.

Taylor Coull

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of WIND TURBINES

WIND TURBINES!!! How It Works... The Turbine Army... As Early as Time... A Video!! Wind Mills have been used as early as 5000BC By the 11th century, Middle Eastern people used them for food production. The earliest wind turbine appeared in 1890 The Benefits! No Fossil Fuels!! The turbines can be built on ranches and farms,
helping the rural areas Wind is produced in America thus reducing our need for other countries Wind is a renewable source, so it can never be used up The wind turns the propellers The propellers turn a rotor The rotor turns a generator The generator creates the energy The power plants collect and distribute the energy There are 35,062 wind
turbines in America Illinois has 1,547 built,
and 539 in construction That ranks us at number 7 The number 1 state, Texas, has 9,405 built
and 302 in the making THANK YOU!! Any Questions? The first turbine, as we know it, appeared in the 1970s
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