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Copy of Playground Expectations

Playground Expectations

Kellie Zeigler

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Playground Expectations

Expectations Ready
Respectful 1. Follow Adult Directions.
Positive Example- Staying on the playground.
Negative Example- Playing where the teachers can't see you.
2. Walk hands by side, face forward.
Positive Example- Walking in line with hands to side
Negative Example- Playing in line READY 1. Keep it clean!
Positive Example- Throw your trash away, pick up litter from the ground.
Negative Example- Leave your trash on the playground.
2. Use equipment correctly.
Positive Example-Sliding down the slide on your bottom, sitting on the swing.
Negative Example- Running up the slide, jumping off of the equipment. Responsible 1. Use good sportsmanship.
Positive Example- Allow new friends to play ball with you, take turns on the equipment.
Negative Example- Cheat when playing games, push your friends when you are mad.
2. Line up when called.
Positive Example- Lining up quickly when called.
Negative Example- Still playing on the swings while your friends are in line. Respectful
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