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Math in Computers

No description

Justin Bains

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Math in Computers

Math in Computers
In computers there's math every where from when you turn it on to when it goes into sleep mode (we all do it).
Programs and Coding
In every computer program there is math in every piece of code there is quite a bit of math involved like the source code of this page (the before and after versions of this page) or in a a lot of games and programs there is RNG (random number generator). A random number Generator chooses a random number and if it is higher then a variable it will choose a desirable outcome if it below said variable it will give you a bad outcome.
Math In Computer Games
People might not think it but in computer games there is a lot of math involved from the First person shooter genre to the Rogue-like genre which both require some of the same elements like geometry which refers to the shapes, invisible walls and all the textures and entities also they both use R.N.G. as well.
Random Number Generator
This is kind of what a random number generator is in games and other programs that require chance.
This random number generator generated 100000 numbers between 100 and 0.
This is an example
of geometry used for entities in video games.
If you want to try a bit of coding for fun you can go to this
or you can go to google and mess around with the page elements which is always fun

Math in Computers
Computer CPU

Processing speeds
This MacBook pro is a non retina display that costs
$1199 2x 2.5GHz
This is a laptop i found on BestBuy that cost $1199 and has 2x 2.9 Gigahertz processor
To Explain what dual core processing speeds are i will give you an example, lets say you hired 2 gardeners for 2.5 hours that work at 2.5 holes per hour(Ghz) to dig 11 holes for your new plants and they both dug 5 holes but there is 1 left so 1 of the gardener dug another hole and the other one watched.
So would you rather have 2 gardeners that work at 2.5 or 2.9 holes per hour.
(GHZ refers to Gigahertz which is how fast a computer processes
This is what a processor look like.
La Fin, Das Ende, Her Einde, Son, El Fin, KATAPUSAN, La Fi, Qhov Kawg, The End.
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