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Crack Wild Bird Grit Presentation

ki b

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Cracked

Wild Bird Grit no competitive product high value for birders In 2006, birdwatching contributed
$36 billion to the U.S. economy. An estimated 55 million backyard bird feeders spent over $3 billion on feed and $800 million on accessories. ? Knowledge is power! Wild bird feeders need more! Eggshells are an excellent source of grit and calcium... Adding grit to your feeder is helpful year-round, but particularly in the winter and spring... Grit . . . attracts many birds as a food supplement or even by itself. Grit is often in short supply during the winter... Who doesn't love convenience? Attracts new species to feeders
Increases birding knowledge
Allows participation in citizen science May eliminate dangerous road foraging and ingestion of lethal road salts
Aids in species conservation
Increases overall avian health GET WELL SOON No pesticides
No herbicides Sustainable advantage:
Strong brand equity
Technological edge with proprietary formulations and best-manufacturing practices
First-to-market advantage
Significant partner value Sharon Benson
CEO Janice Singer
VP Operations Animal Food Safety Officer Avian Toxicologist Sales Manager Manufacturing and process specialist How can Carleton Entrepreneurs help? Support finding seed financing for: avian toxicologist
avian health specialist
product testing Pollution leaches calcium carbonate from soil leading to fragile eggs and population declines; Road salt mistaken for grit results in bird mortality; Salt poisoning mimics intoxication, migrating birds killed by thousands on roadways Tested for microbiological contaminants Free of herbicides and pesticides Contains no unnecessary antibiotics and
hormones TM Problems faced by wild birds: Enter the eco-system: supply chain
distribution channels
packaging and branding
webplay & social media strategy
market launch Cracked Cracked thatbirdblog, Zoologist Frank Indiviglio www.allaboutbirds.org U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service www.birds.cornell.edu Birding in the United States: A Demographic and Economic Analysis
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Simulated lurking micro-organism!
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