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The Troubles: Religious Conflict in Northern Ireland

No description

A Walters

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of The Troubles: Religious Conflict in Northern Ireland

The Troubles: Religious
Conflict in Northern
A Brief History
landmass between the Atlantic and Irish Sea.
First inhabited by Picts and Errainn, then Celts
Many in Ireland were pagan
Christianity first spread by English, St. Patrick
English gained control in the 1600s, Protestant Brits and Scots settled but this created division from original Catholics.
Over time economic differences pushed them further apart.

Catholicism and Protestantism
While both are branches of Christianity they have several differences.

Despite peace being made in 1998
Irish authorities have arrested several alleged members for planned attacks
many towns are still divided into religious sections
"war art" and religious graffiti cover the walls of buildings

believe Jesus was Messiah, son of God, died for their sins.
Follow the Bible, or New Testament
Believe in heaven and hell
In response to Roman Catholic church
no Pope
do not believe in big, fancy cathedrals
do not pray to saints
scripture is mainly focused on (vs tradition)
Communion is symbolic
have Pope
big, decorative churches
pray to saints
have holy water, celibacy for church officers, and purgatory
focus on both scripture and tradition
In Communion really becomes the blood and body of Christ.
Irish Republic Army
created in 1919
was an Irish republican revolutionary military organization
descended from the Irish Volunteers (a nationalist militant group)
goal was to remove British forces from Northern Ireland and to unify Ireland as well

removing British forces from Northern Ireland and to unifying Ireland
The Peace
the loyalist and republican paramilitaries declared the first ceasefire in 1994.
The "Good Friday Agreement" provided Northern Ireland with a framework on how to resolve its differences

Through terrorist activities, the IRA tried to remove the British presence from Ireland and be able to unite it as one country, however; much of the large Protestant population in Northern Ireland did not want to leave British control.
While some Irish people supported the withdraw of British forces from Ireland, many did not approve of the IRA 's tactics to gain power.
Birmingham pub bombing

Some of the worst attacks were:
1973- Car bomb exploded in front of the the Old Bailey in London.
1972- Aldershot bombings kill seven
1982- The Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings that killed seven
1993- Bishopsgate bombing killed famous journalist Ed Henty
2001- Bomb detonates in Birmingham
All in all, over 10, 000 explosions happened during The Troubles
The Conflict Today
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