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Fashion culture

No description


on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Fashion culture

VINTAGE Improve the quality of life To make life more fun Make life easier Limitation? Liberation? HUSSEIN CHALAYAN Reasons Unification What's the Takes a long time to be produced. Influences Limitation of Resources BBC NEWS Welcome to Fashion Technology! Carmen Lee DEYUN Lim Lullaby Hew Tysha Tiar Khai Xin FD4.1 Midi Controller Jacket v1.0 Anthropomorphic Fashion That Protects Its Wearer To Protect wearer.
Design inspiration from hedgehog.
To decrease violence.
Spines react when someone approaching the garment quickly. Create music by using body as an interface.
Design inspiration from electronic component devices
Currently in the market
Price: $288 Brain sensing headbands Determine what the user is thinking or feeling.
Allows the viewer to see their physical reaction to a situation.
Fake animal ears move in reaction to the wearer’s emotions. Knit Alarm stretching the cuff or touching the upper chest with your wrist to trigger the alarm.
Knit cardigan uses bluetooth to connect to a mobile phone which initiates a call to a chosen contact.
LEDs illuminate to indicate that the alarm has been triggered. Temperature Controller Shirt can manage heat due to different weather temperature.
Truly wrinkle free. To make life easier.
Increase protection and decrease violence.
Express human technology through fashion. Harassment people's life.
Lack of protection, women become victims.
Humans need portable technology items. THE FUTURE Ehmmm...expensive Societies point of view Human needs help from science and technology. Technology may be harmful! Differentiation Technology clothes are more expensive than normal clothes Status level in society To produce high tech clothes, we cooperate with chemists, biologists and others. Unites different societies. Able to protect humans from harm. Fashion Technology The future technology Sexy Mr. L
A Fruit shake
Cheesy hamburger
frenchfried Fashion Technology Save the earth Vintage Sexy Thanks for your attention
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