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Smart Car

No description

Talia Afoa

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Smart Car

Target Audience Demographics: About the Smart Car Online Advertising In terms of promoting the Passion Coupe, we will focus on 3 methods of online advertising strategies to raise awareness and gain interest in the Smart car. "Other" Advertising Couponing Presented by: Idea Galleria Smart Passion Coupe Smart Car needs more brand placement in movies and television shows because:
Currently, it's used by nearly all companies
To create a buzz and increase brand awareness
Smart Car has only been seen as a "background vehicle"
We want to change that impression and promote a more of a featured like product Competitor

1. Strong Research & Development Capabilities
2. Alliance with Chrysler

1. Product Recalls
2. Low Quantity in Brand Portfolio
3. Previous Brand Image
4. Higher Starting Price from $16,000 Measurement of Objectives Increase likes of Facebook page "Smart USA" from 109K to 200k+
1. Runs on premium fuel which is more expensive
2. Past speeds of 70 mph, wind can pull the car
3. Consumers fear damage from potential accidents "Other" Advertising Psychographics: "Smart stands for simplicity in a complex world. We’re for the streamlined, not the mainstream. Unthink everything you think a car should be. It’s time to uncar." Uncar.
1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
2. Display/Banner & Media Buying
Ads on high traffic websites such as YouTube, CNN, ESPN, etc.
3. Social Media
Engage with our fans, gain feedback and increase sales Fiat 500 Increase units sold last year (10,009) as well as exceed the highest number sold any year (14,600) by selling a total of 15,000 units As car owners strive to cut fuel costs, find easy parking solutions and drive in style, the Smart Car has provided an answer - not to mention it's environmentally-friendly design. Welcome to the future! Legally Blonde 2 The Cleveland Show We're promoting the Smart Passion Coupe to a young, urban
southern California audience in order to:
1. Gain customer awareness of the brand
2. Increase sales volume

These objectives will be met by January 1st, 2014
(approximately 6 1/2 months) Sales of the Smart ForTwo minicar have remained at low levels
Units sold in 2009: 14,600
Units sold in 2010: 5,927
Units sold in 2011: 5,348
Units sold in 2012: 10,009 Objectives: What We're Gonna Do Smart Car should take the opportunity to be featured in movies like Transformers or even Fast and Furious like the Scion XB. Transformers 4:
Release around June 27, 2014
Plays a big role in the automobile industry
Opens up to a larger target audience (men) - 18 to 25 years
- Males & Females
- Marital Status: Single
- some college and/or degree
- 20k to 100k per year
- Lives in southern California - Environmentalist: concern for the conservation and improvement of the environment
- Cost conscious consumer
- Strives for individuation
- Experimenters & forward thinkers Strengths: Weak Points:
As car owners strive to cut fuel costs,
find easy parking solutions and drive in style,
the Smart Car has provided an answer -
not to mention it's environmentally-
friendly design. Fast and Furious Deadline: January 1st, 2014 How Smart are you? The U.S. is the _____ country to
sell the smart car. How many MPG HWY does the smart car get? 38!!! 37th!!! The brand logo that incorporates a letter "c" for "compact" and an arrow for "forward thinking". Our target audience includes those
who strive for ___________ Individuation

The manner in which a person/thing is identified as distinguished from other people/things Small size makes for easier parking and creates more space. Relatively inexpensive starting at
$14,890 or lease for $139/month
for 36 months Large ownership in 36 other countries
(vouched for outside of US) Body panels are customizable,
lightweight, 100% recyclable,
and easily interchangeable. The clutch-less, manual 5-speed transmission — called smartshift® — is easy and simple to operate. It’s both a manual and automatic. The most fuel efficient all gas
vehicle on the market at 38 mpg! Thank you. (applaud now) Good choice + Fun = (because running is exercise) Color Me Rad 5k Smart Car Synonymous Values! Each color checkpoint will have a smart in that color
Finish line will have 20 smart cars on which people can throw paint on The attendees of this event match our target group perfectly. Conclusion Los Angeles, CA - June 22, 2013 This incentive can entice potential buyers at the point-of-purchase. Customers will receive a rebate of up to $1000 in bonus cash depending on the dealership. Smart Car customers are typically people who are trying to save money, so a rebate would be right up their alley. Smart Sponsors Color Me Rad 5k in Madison, WI Now they should sponsor the Color Me Rad 5k in Los Angeles! Chelsea Chen, Mark Klausing, Talia Afoa, Philip Kim Music: "Something Good Can Work"
by Two Door Cinema Club
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