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Copy of Alternative Compensation Session


Glenn W. Schilling

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Alternative Compensation Session

Building an Alternative Compensation Model Discussion Questions A Process with Administrators, Teachers, and School Board Members. Introduction of Districts
What's Driving Your Purpose?
Activity 1 (45 minutes)
Application of Alternative Compensation
Activity 2 (45 minutes)
Setting the Stage for Your Action Plan
Activity 3 (30 minutes)
Hartland/Lakeside Journey and Model (45 minutes)
District's Outline Their Model Process for Today Processing Questions and Group Sharing How did you allocate your money?
What influenced your decisions?
Could you logistically replicate the decision making used in this scenario in your district within the next year?
What obstacles or biases could be factors in how your model is developed? Hartland/Lakeside School District
Dacia Hopfensperger, Assistant Superintendent
Glenn W. Schilling, Superintendent Activity 1:
Discuss with your team the question
Identify and Record two major influences for your model What's Driving Your District to Create a Pay for Performance Model? Continue Activity 1 Sort the yellow cards into each of the three designated categories
Significant Influence
Some Influence
No Influence

Prioritize the cards in the Significant and Some Influence categories What are the major influences in your present compensation model? What categories are they in?
What specific characteristics or factors influenced your district decision making?
Do you think other stakeholders in your organization would identify the same significant influences? How would you know?
As you look to change your compensation model, what issues may arise resulting from indicators you identified as significant influence? Activity 2 Pay for Performance Scenario
Sample: District X is implementing a PFP model.
The 16 teachers is a sampling of teachers participating in PFP
They represent salary cost of $970,000.
For this group, the district has $30,000 they may allocate for salary increases
TASK - Read Bios and determine how you will allocate the $30,000 to this group of teachers We will share and record the responses to the above questions Beginnings of an Action Plan Complete part-1 of the Action Plan Template Hartland/Lakeside Model
Process and Factors for our model Glenn and Dacia outline model
Administrative team determines purpose
Action planning by admin team
Teacher PFP team begins work on indicators and qualifiers
Review and evaluation of plan -- Changes and updates made
Consensus that this is a living model
Implementation plan outlined (logistics
Presentation to the school board
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