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No description

abigail maxwell

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Jamaica

Accommodations Food Outdoor Recreation Historic Sites Jamaica bob marley jamaica olypimics
the enter the olypimics
for wealth and fun a famous singer
in jamaica he
sings rock n' roll Iberostar Rose Hall Suites
In Montego Bay
It's the 2 out of 68
hotels in Montego Jamiaca Inn
In Ocho Rios
It's the number 1
out of 45 hotels
in Ocho Rios Sandals Whitehouse
Village and Spa
It's the 1 of 1
hotels in Whitehouse Sandal Dunn's
Villagio Golf
Resort and Spa
It's the number
4 out of 45
hotels in Ocho
Rios Blue Cave Castle
It's the number
11 out of 98 in
Negril In Janmaica
it's famous
to carve
with wood
this sculpture
is 16" high
and 6" in width
it's 9 pounds
and took 8
days to finish Jamaica has a rich
diverse culture blended
from around the world.
Jamaica's motto is
"Out of many, one people" Jamaica's music culture is
a funsion of elements from
the United States of America
with it's R&B, rock 'n' roll, soul,
Africa and neighboring Caribbean Islands "Rice and Peas"
made from
kidney beans,
white rice,
coconut milk,
scallions, spirng
onions, and coconut oil "Salt Fish and Ackee"
the salt fish is dried
codfish and the ackee
is fruit from the ackee tree "Empanada"
. ground beef
. gound beef and cheese
. chicken
. corn
. vegetarian
. chilen (beef and chicken,
raisins, green olives, and
. colombiana (beef onions,
potatoes, eggs and peas)
. arab (beef onions, parsley,
tomato, and green pepper)
. copetin (ham and cheese)
. greek (cheese, oregano, and black olives "Pastel De Belem"
: 1/2 liter of milk
: 9 gems
: 10 spoons of brown sugar
: 1 sachet of instant milk-cream
: 1 scoop of wheat flous
: 1 scoop of corn flour
: 1 stick of cinnamon
: 1 lemon peel
: 2 spoons of essence of vanilla
: cinnimon powder or sugar to
taste Art and Culture "Jamaican Pork Stir-Fry"
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 16 ounce package frozen stir-fry vegetable ( carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, and onions)
12 ounces pork strips for stir frying
2 to 3 teaspponns of Jamaican jerk seasoning
3/4 cup bottled plum sauce
2 cups of hot cooked rice or pasta
chopped peanuts "Bob Marley Museum"
It's the resting place of his mother, brother, and himself (Bob Marley).
The museum is the house Bob was born and raised in. "Rose Hall Great House"
It's a stone base and a plastered upper storey.
Built in the 1770's "Firefly"
A piece of beachfront land on the 7-mile beach in the 1970's "St. Peter's Church"
One of the oldest Anglican Churches in Jamaica. Built in 1671, rebuilt after an earthquake in 1692, rebuilt again in 1715, and rebuilt again in 1722 after a hurricane destroyed it. In 1751 it was described as "a neat church." "Golf"
We host many tournaments including some of the major champions and the best players in sport show to show off their skills "Domino"
It's sort of like chess and poker
It's the major game for passing the time "Cricket"
Cricket is the second behind soccer in Jamaica.
Cricket is the past time for the young and the old. "Netball"
The truth about Netball is the it is the leading sport for the girls.
It is right up there with football (soccer) in how popular the sport is
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