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Running GREAT Meetings

Running projects mean running lots of meetings. This three-session seminar helps you to break dull, unproductive meeting habits. Make your next meeting a productive event, where team members walk out saying, "I am glad I did not miss that!"

Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of Running GREAT Meetings

Double click anywhere & add an idea Before During After Other Stuff Questions? http://rlprj.com/learn
http://rlprj.com/contact 15 Years as a PM
Sales support
Hundreds of hours in meetings Agendas Preparation Types of Meetings FAQ This meeting request could be better... From http://www.liv.ac.uk/csd/office2007/outlook/Calendar.htm
No offense to the folks at University of Liverpool -- it is a great manual!
It is a terrible meeting request though. A better meeting request Frequent Problems Too many invitees -- all “required”
No agenda
No subject
No purpose
Attendees cannot prepare Topic or action-oriented
Time allocated
Roles explained
If purpose not clear, state “purpose” explicitly Clear outcomes
Explain preparation required
Cancel or reschedule if outcome cannot be met on time Why Meet?
Decisions Consensus
Personal Who to invite? Everyone you need
No one you do not
Optional - Interest and Voice
Calculate the “cost of meeting” When to cancel? If any “required” attendees do not RSVP or decline,
Always Reschedule!
If the meeting is no longer necessary...
If the objective cannot be met... Sample meeting schedule Friday PM - Draft Status
Monday AM - Team Meeting
Monday PM - Steering Committee
Tuesday AM - Executive Committee
Tuesday PM - Publish Status Electronic Meeting Invitations? Can be used well or poorly
Often a company cultural issue
Set expectations, be consistent Create an agenda
Plan -- a performance or an event
Allow people to be prepared
Understand the meeting purpose
Know your audience "The meeting before the meeting"
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