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Copy of Unit 7 Children's Learning Activities and Play

Task three, week one the role of the adult

zhou danni

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 7 Children's Learning Activities and Play

Unit 7 Children's Learning Activities and Play

Task 3

The Role of the Adult
The role of the adult is crucial when planning and delivering play activities in order for children to learn and develop
In your groups:
Draw round one person and write as many ideas as you can on what you think the adults role is when implementing play and learning activities
Identify and promote learning opportunities
By observing children, the adult can identify their interests and preferences and plan around them

What do we refer to when we plan?
What do the following terms mean?

Adult led
Free play

Having an Integrated approach
This is about incorporating all of the areas of learning into the theme or activity you are providing
Planning and Preparation are key!

Organisation skills are required!

Activity needs to be age and stage related

Expectations need to be realistic

The National Curriculum
Relevant Curriculum Requirements
Providing a balance of activities
Health and Safety
Write a list of all aspects of health and safety that you adhere to in your setting
Read the Health and Safety policies and procedures of the setting!
Equipment and activity need to be checked regularly
Equipment needs to be kept clean
Broken or damaged equipment needs to be removed
Carry out risk assessments
Maintain staff ratios
Keep surfaces clean
Keep the floor clear
Keep entrances, exits and fire escapes clear
and much more.....
Health and Safety
when might an adult intervene in children's activities?
Positive reinforcement
Never take over
Ask if the child requires help
Adult intervention
Look at the case study
What would you do?

Next steps
and Differentiation!!
Communicating with children and their families
Working in partnership with children and their families is essential.
Communication and interpersonal skills are vital (you are covering this in unit 1)

Relationships and trust need to be built but must not become over friendly
Why do you think this is?
P3 Produce a poster to describe the role of the adult in all aspects of the provision & implementation of play & learning activities for children

Your poster will have :-
A title
6 different areas of provision
4 different bullet points for the role of the adult for each of your chosen areas.

Next time:
We will be exploring the various areas of provision

When you are in setting, make a list of the areas of continuous provision as well as the other areas that are in use on a daily basis
Identify the role of the adult in all aspects of the provision and implementation of play and learning activities for children
Identify the various roles of the adult
Recall prior knowledge about planning and what this involves
Differentiate between adult led, and free play
List the adults role for health and safety requirements
Be able to intervene in children's play sensitively
Produce a poster on the role of the adult
List the areas of learning
M3 Provide an analysis on the role of the adult

This should
in detail the
significance of the role of the adult and the impact they may have on the children's learning
Begin to mind map or plan this section today
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