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Nijatmanam Bhramaroopam

No description

Rima Patel

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Nijatmanam Bhramaroopam

Nijatmanam Brahmaroopam Goals Putting it all in Perspective step 1: become brahmarup The Necessity of Becoming Brahmaroop Gunatitanand Swami said in his Swami ni Vato... How to Become Brahmarup Gadhada II-26 The Need for Bhakti ...well on our way to serving the Satupurush... "Never, never, never give up. " spiritual goals our ultimate goal "brahmarup thai ne Purushottam ni bhakti karvi." Vachnamrut Loya 7 the BEST vachnamrut I-23 Karma Vachan Man Maharaj SICK too hot! Akshar Ordi sand near Ghela River paramhanso confused even hotter tree Dada Khachar's Darbar lied leela: diarrhea and throwing up kick=sprinkles testing us! P. Brahmaprakash Swami 1. Performing those actions that will help us become Brahmarup 2. Whatever actions we do perform, we should remember Maharaj and Swami while performing them. Mahima Gadhada I-22 1+0=10 ...always watching... agna Karyani 11 WORDS listening to katha-varta speaking the glory of our upasana katha gnan samjan vachan ni seva you have to understand
something really well
in order to teach it moli vaat= fast Gadhada II-39 sukh vinanyu dukh Swami ni Vaat:
Jetlu kai maya ma sukh chhe,
the dukh vinanyu hoy nahi,
mate a janvi rakvu. becoming Brahmarup means... kal, karma, and maya ...we will always be with him, and he with us ...it is really not that difficult to start, provided this is what we WANT ...Mt. Everest? ...he was HUNGRY... chocolate bar or a million dollars? 1. We all need goals in life. Without them, we would have no focus or nothing to strive for in life.
2. Of all our goals, we all have one ultimate goal.
3. Our ultimate goal is "brahmarup thai ne Purushottam ni bhakti karvi", which is analogous to 'Nijatmanam Brahmaroopam'.
4. We have to become Brahmarup first in order to offer perfect bhakti to Maharaj and Swami.
5. To become brahmarup, we need to realize that Swamishri is brahmarup and serve Him with our mind, thoughts, and actions.
6. Once we become brahmarup, the benefits are truly endless- the most important being that we can offer perfect bhakti to Purushottam!
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