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ipek imamoglu

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of xxxxxx

Glance at Turkey Electricty Market
for Turk Telekom

Electricity "Generation, Trading & Sales "
Shown as above those 3 sections are crutial important for the determination of the market position strategies of energy companys.
By entering the energy market, the goal of Turkey's largest telecommunication provider is not to trigger major changes in the energy market conditions, but rather, through expanding its service portfolio, to offer added value to its current and future customers.
(Get retantion !)
Main Strategies...
OTC Market
(Over the Counter)
Purchasing Renewable
"Incentives Renewable Energy Sources"
Wind Power Plant
Hydro Power Plant
(Type of run of river)
Current regulation mechanism supports the plant which use renewable sources for electricty generation and guaranted that purchasing them generation 7,31 $/MWh a year if the plants doesnt have any sales channel
Eligible Customers
Eligible End Users
Industrial & Commercial
For 2014, limit is 133 TL monthly electricity bill which is equal to 4.500 kWh electricty consumption per year, targeted small organization and residance,
"Key Account"
The target is shopping malls, hospitals, industrial zones(OSB), hotels, marine ports univercities ets
Electricty Market
Turkey Electricity Market
According to Installed Capacity
According to Actual Generation
"Monitor of the Current Sittuation"
Future of
Electricity Market
"Growth in Generation "
What is the route
the value for us?

"Online Electricity"
Commodity Market
Niche Market
Mass Market
Portfolio Management should be achived according to the strategic priorities !!!
EUAS Privitation
Generation portfolio is calculated the mathematical model maximization of the revenue, but sales to customer revenue calculation without real time consumption data seems like gambling
(appr. 7% revenue loss)
Electricty Market
Distribution Company
"Privitization of TEDAS"
Types of Incentives Mechanism
Renewable Power Plant
Cross Border Trading
Brainstorm of Small Energy Company
Sales Organization
"By An Effective Sales Organization"
Short, Mid & Long Term
"Short Term"
Organization Chart -1
"Mid Term"
Organization Chart -2
"Long Term"
Organization Chart -3
Main Logic of the Price Forecast Programme
Dealer Network
1. adım
2. adım
3. adım
4. adım
Müşteri Bilgi Toplama
Müşteri Teklifi Yönetimi
Müşteri fatura değerlerine göre baz yük hesaplandıktan sonra satış yapılacak dönem (6 ay, 1yıl, 2 yıl ...) enerji maliyeti üzerine aşağıdaki maliyetler eklenir.
Profil Maliyeti
Dağıtım Şirketi Teminat Mektubu Maliyeti
Talep Tahmin Risk Primi
Sıfır Bakiye Risk Primi
Bu maliyetlerden sonra şirketin kar beklentisi ve pazara giriş stratejisi doğrultusunda satış fiyatı belirlenir
Portföy Yönetimi
Portföye eklenen veya çıkan her müşteri için pozisyon görüntülenmesi yapılarak takip edilir. Bu sayede
Piyasa riski olan dönemlere göre pozisyon alma
Alım yapılmış veya yapılacak enerjinin yönetim
Talep Tahmin Yönetimi
Güncellenen her müşteri ile portföy yönetimi sağlanır ve her gün sisteme müşteri tüketim profili saatlik olarak girilir.
Müşteri fatura tutarı baz alındıktan sonra müşteri için profil ve baz yük hesaplaması yapılır.
Thanks !
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