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Library Renovation & Interlibrary Loan

No description

Brandon Lewter

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Library Renovation & Interlibrary Loan

Why do libraries renovate?
Growing collections
Growing patron population
Changes in users' needs
Natural disasters
To modernize
The Addlestone Improvement Project
Renovating to accommodate new partnership, growing patron population, and growing collection
SCHS and Special Collections
More seating and learning spaces
Technology upgrades
Compact mobile shelving
New coffee shop (Bonus!)
Planning and Preparation
Physical Space
Where are people going to work?
Where is everything going to go?
How do we provide uninterrupted services?
The Improvement Project: During and After
Interlibrary Loan
Reserves and shelving
Cataloging and Acquisitions
Space and workflow
Classroom space

Lessons Learned
Communication, flexibility, and preparation is crucial.
Have a good system in place for reserves.
Interlibrary Loan is invaluable.
You cannot make everyone happy.
Changes are not always good.
Vet the contractors!
Marketing and Communication
Library Improvement Team was formed in February 2014
Communication early and often
Emails, flyers, signs, pamphlets, bookmarks, and a blog (http://blogs.cofc.edu/addlestone-improvement/)
Catalog notation
New floor plans and signage
Library Renovation & Interlibrary Loan
Libraries need to be places suited towards “scholarship, engagement, spirituality, and other positive emotions, as well as subjects’ desire to use those spaces more than they currently use their existing library” (Jackson, 2011).
Interlibrary Loan's Role
Crucial for maintaining patron satisfaction and SACS requirements
Preparation Steps
Staffing and shipping materials
How stats were taken
Role in marketing and communication
Effect of renovation on ILL volume
The institution, through ownership or formal arrangements
or agreements, provides and supports student and faculty
access and user privileges to adequate library collections
and services and to other learning/information resources
consistent with the degrees offered. Collections, resources, and services are sufficient to support all its educational, research, and public service programs.
(Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, 2012)

2.9 of Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement
Traditional ILL
PASCAL Borrowing
Brandon Lewter
Interlibrary Loan Coordinator and Reference Librarian
College of Charleston Libraries
PASCAL Borrowing Stats for Items Owned
Collection Development
Stats gathered will help in future weeding projects
Stats may influence departmental budget allocations
In general, the collection and presentation of statistics showed the Collection Development Department how useful ILL statistics can be
I'm now on the Collection Development Committee (Yay!)
Early June 2014 another committee was formed call the Communications Team. It consisted of the same people from the Improvement Project Team.
Jackson, H. L. (2011). Serving Higher Education's Highest Goals: Assessment of the Academic Library as Place. College & Research Libraries, 72(5), 428-442.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. (2012, February 14). Resource Manual for the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement. Retrieved April Tuesday, 2015, from Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Comission on Colleges: http://www.sacscoc.org/pdf/Resource%20Manual.pdf
"Set in Stone"
by Long-Bin Chen
Exhibition: Rebound: Dissections and Excavations in Book Art
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