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PR Presentation

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Amanda Augsburger

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of PR Presentation

E-Books & audiobooks Geneseo
High School
Library 24/7 web-based extension of the school library
Both eBooks and audiobooks are available on a single website
Schools can create a digital book collection based on students' needs, with more than 100,000 titles from over 500 publishers Why ebooks and audiobooks? How? Who would
this affect? When? Where? All students
Students with disabilities
Advanced placement students
Reluctant readers
Custom built website
linked to library website http://overdrive.icpl.org Assisting in curriculum
Library open 24/7
Feedbooks-- free books! What is
overdrive? twenty-first century. and equipped with This program will begin in the Fall of 2010.
Students will be able to download to their own devices, and those provided by the library beginning the first week of classes. Purchased using book and database budget
All computers in the school will be equipped with software to make them an ebook reader, and ipods and mp3 players will be used for audiobooks
30 day trial allowed us to see how they could be used in classrooms
What we still need... E-readers
student and teacher check-out
classroom tools
promote ebooks
Additional MP3 Players
student and teacher check-out
classroom tools
promote audiobooks critical thinkers integration of technology more effecctive and productive technology literate The community of Geneseo believes its responsibility is to educate both children and adults to be who are sensitive and considerate of the needs of others and who strive to understand the political, philosophical, scientific, and artisitic history of mankind in order to promote economic and social justice.

The into the educational program is making teaching and learning experiences to achieve these loftygoals. The graduates of Geneseo Schools will be the knowledge, skills and abilities to function successfully in the
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