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Old Yeller

No description

Nancy Clements

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Old Yeller


Protagonist: Travis, a
young boy who is
responsible, mature,
and loving.

Antagonist: a crazed, sick
wolf who has rabies

(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
Old Yeller


Fred Gipson

The title refers to the
name of the family dog,
who acts courageously
even when facing danger
and death.
The writer values courage
and sacrifice...
Travis willingly helps his family on the farm
He says, "I want
to be a man..." (68)
He learns he must do
hard things in life
He takes on
more responsibilty with his father gone
He is willing
to sacrifice
what he loves
for his
Travis loves Old Yeller
and spends all his time
with the dog
Old Yeller
saves the
family from
a bear

Old Yeller fights a rabid wolf to save Travis. This shows the author values loyalty.
When Old Yeller also
gets rabies, Travis must
be a real man and shoot
his dog to save his family.
Theme: Growing up is hard -
it requires courage and
sacrifice even when it seems
human vs. human: Travis argues with
his mom and brother
human vs. nature: Travis struggles with
the hogs, the climate, and the wolf that
has rabies
human vs. self: Travis must find the
courage and strength to kill his own dog
Protagonist's goal: to prove himself to
be a man while his father is away. But much stands in his way: the amount of work to be done, the difficulty of the many jobs he has, a rabid wolf that comes to the farm, and his own ability to make hard choices.
Setting: Birdsong Creek
in central Texas, 1800's
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