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Copy of Copy of Micro Finance

No description

patthew merry

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Micro Finance

Goverment & landscape Map of the Philippines and its Location By: Matthew Perry The Philippines and Micro Finance Who is Maria? Government The Philippines is run by a president, or Pangulo, who is currently Benigno S. Aquino the Third. The Filipino people have the privilege of voting for their leaders, which means that they have democracy. Maria is a middle aged Christian woman who is the only person who is supporting her family of ten. She wants to start a food store, but first she has to save up money to buy the store and to buy more food. She had a food stand but it was not very successful and she thinks a store would be better. June 10, 2013 Philippines Mountains rich city poor city The reason the Philippines is a developing country is because they are not very rich and a lot of the land is covered in houses, mountains and forests. They also have a lot of floods. A lot of the people in the Philippines are poor because they keep on having to buy new houses or repair them because they get damaged by natural disasters. flooded city How Natural Resources Affect their Economy Natural resources affects the Philippines economy in many ways, like: Micro Finance Micro finance is one way that North Americans can help people in different countries who are needy. Micro finance is the general term to describe financiel serveces to low or no income individuals. It is making small loans on the internet to people who use the money you loaned to them to start a buisness, to help buy what is needed for their buisness and to support their families. Then after they make some money they can pay you back, once you get your money back you can do two things you can loan it to someone else or you can take your money and do something else with it. About their Flag On the top of their flag there is a blue stripe that is partly covered up by an equilateral triangle, and on the bottom there is red stripe that is also partly covered up. The triangle that covers the two stripes is white with a yellow sun in the middle which has eight rays. In the corners of the triangle there are three yellow stars with five points. The blue stripe on the top represents truth, peace and justice. The red is for courage, and the white equilateral triangle is for equality. The sun’s rays inside are for the first eight provinces that took independence from Spain, and the three stars are for the three geographical divisions of the country. helps with exporting; it helps create jobs and it also helps feed the people of the Philippines it helps the Philippines make more money and supplies other countries with food that they can't grow How the History affects the Philippines Economy History The Philippines have been in many wars and a few of them they have lost. The wars the Philippines have been in are the Vietnam war, World war 1 and 11 and also wars against the Japanese and the Spanish. The Philippines were ruled by two other countries before they beecme independent. They have only been independent for about 40 years. InterestinngFacts The population of the Philippines is 102,000,000. The largest city in the Philippines is Quenzon city which has about 2,960,627 people. Manila is the capital city and has about 25 million people, which is close to a quarter of the Philippines total population. The Philippines is the 12th largest country in the world. The Philippines is located near the bottom right side of Asia. Why I Chose Maria I chose Maria because my aunt is also from the Philippines and I wanted to learn more about the Philippines and help her people. Maria is a Christian. She has been on Kiva for 46 months and she has only been 20% raised. She looked like she could use some help to support her family of ten. More Facts The average monthly income is $ 1175, the funds lent to people in the Philippines from Kiva is $ 29,186,700. The amount of people below the poverty line is 27.9%, which is almost a quarter of their population. The Philippines total land area is 298,170 square km which includes 7100 islands. Christian Perspective I think that God has blessed the Philippines in many ways such as giving them a lot of natural resources, their warm climate, and their rich soil. He has also blessed the earth because he gave the idea of micro finance to Mohammed Yunas which has helped many people get out of poverty in countries all over the world. It has also helped North Americans to learn more about other countries that are still developing or are undeveloped and to help support them by loaning them money. Their history has impacted them a lot, like the wars they have been apart of. The wars have impacted them a great deal and they have lost many people but in the end they became independent because of it. All the natural disasters such as tsunamies and floods have also impacted a great deal on how the Philippines is today. Proverbs 19:17

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed. Education THE END THE END Hope you liked my presentation!!! The Philippines has very good education; there are many people that travel from all over Asia and also from the Middle East, Africa and New Zealand for the Philippines education. A lot of the Philippines neighbouring countries also do this, although most of the people going there are from Southeast Asia. The Philippines has a great education system; unfortunatley a lot of the Filipino people can't use it because they do not have enough money. THE END THE END There are three different branches of government which are: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. Legislative is the branch that makes laws, this branch has two divisions; the senate and the house of represenatives. Executive is the branch that is made up by the president and the vice president who get elected by majority vote and serve a six year term. The establishmant allows the president to have authority for certian things.
Judiciary is the branch that the holds power to settle problems involving human rights that legally are enforceable and demandable. They determine whether or not there has been abuse of discretion or Juristiction to the government. The branch is made up of the supreme and lower courts.
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