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The Blue Bead

No description

Jessi Morency

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Blue Bead

The Blue Bead By: Charlotte, Evan, Jessi, Megan, and Payton Setting Small village in a jungle
Very hot weather
Third world country, very poor people working for little money
Mud buildings
Dangerous river
During the day Conflict Internal External Wants jewelry but cannot afford it
Has to work much harder than any child should
Struggles to survive everyday Sibia has to cross the Indian River which is full of crocodiles
The Gujar women is attacked by the crocodile
Sibia kills the crocodile and saves the women Themes Karma Determination What goes around comes around
The crocodile attacks the Gujar women, and then gets attacked himself by Sibia
Sibia saves the Gurjar women and is rewarded with the bead Summary Follows the story of a young girl named Sibia
Her day starts with a small breakfast, then she leaves to work in the fields with her mother
On the way back Sibia gets left behind because she was day-dreaming
Sibia has to cross a river in order to get home and when she arrives at the river she sees a women being attacked by a crocodile
Sibia rushes in to save the women and stabs the crocodile in the eye with her hay-fork
Sibia saves the women and cleans her wounds, then returns to the river to get her hayfork
When Sibia bends down to retrive her hay-fork she finds a blue bead
Sibia then returns home to her mother where she explains of her day’s events Passages #1 #2 “Beside him in the shoals where he lay waiting, glimmered a blue gem.” Introduces the Blue Bead
Creates suspense
Sets the stage for Sibia later on in the story “She was within a yard of the crocodile when it lunged at her.” Marks the beginning of climax
Creates suspence
Grabs readers attention Questions #1. Do you think the author was trying to portray the crocodile as good or evil?
#2. What emotions do you think were running through Sibia's mind when she decided to save the Gujar women?
#3. Do you think Sibia eventually told her mother the whole story? Why or why not?
#4. What message do you think the author was trying to convey to the reader through this story?
#5. What do you think the jewelry represents to Sibia's culture? What goes around comes around
The crocodile attacks the Gujar women then the crocodile gets attacked by Sibia
Sibia saves the Gujar women and in return get the Blue bead Sibia never gave up on getting jewelry and always tries her best to find solutions
Eventually she gets what she always wanted Point of Veiw The story is written from a third person point of view
the narrator repetitively uses him, her, it, and them Not limited- the narrator knows the details of the girl, they and the crocodile
“She was within a yard of the crocodile when it lunged at her
the omniscient third person is on page 43-44 where the narrator is talking about the crocodile, and on 46 when the Gujars are explained Connections #1 #2 In many parts of Asia there are small villages and tribes where they don’t have much money
The blue bead symbolizes even the little things can make them happy
Here where we take many things for granted and don’t realize the little things that make us happy Crocodiles often attack humans in India and surrounding countries
It's very unlikely that one would survive an attack, luckily, Sibia was there to save that woman
In 2001, several mugger crocodile attacks were reported in the Neyyar reservoir in Kerala, India
In 2009 where a 9 year old girl was killed while crossing a river in the Philippines Suspense The crocodile rests in the swamp that Sibia is passing, but Sibia isn’t aware of this
The author uses foreshadowing from the beginning when the crocodile is introduced to hint at the later attack
Foreshadowing is also used when the bead is introduced, to show it will play a big part in the story
The blue bead is used as a symbol in this story, it represents the riches and luxuries that she could never afford, and all she fought for in order to achieve it.
It is also a symbol and reminder or her bravery and heroism on that day The End!
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