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Gracey Dugueles

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of CAT FEELINGS

Why do cats meow?
Why do cats hiss?
When cats hiss it sounds like a snake, some experts believe that its how cats develop this habit, by imitating snakes. They hiss because something has made them unhappy.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Yes! Cats do have feelings. They feel lots of different emotions just like humans. In fact, the way their brain works is similar to humans. They definitely have emotions such as sadness, happiness, rage and so on. A cat acts the way it feels.
Do cats have feelings?

Cats fight mainly because their being protective of their territory. Most cats fight because they
feel like another unwanted cat has passed their territory.
Cats meow because that is their way of communicating with other cats and humans.
Some of the main reasons cats meow are:
1) "I'm getting old."
2) "I don't want to be alone."
3) "I'm ticked off!"
4) "I'm stressed."
5) "I'm in heat."
6) "Let me in!"
7) "Pay attention to me!"
8) "I want food."
9) "I'm just saying 'hi'."
10) "I'm hurt."
3 ways cats communicate
Body Language
Scented Markings
Why do cats fight?
Cats express their feelings by body language, facial expressions, and by the noises they make which makes it difficult to tell their emotions at times.
Why do cats sleep so much?
Cats sleep twice as much as humans. An average cat sleeps about 13-16 hours a day, although
it depends on their age, temperament, and size. Cats are natural predators who hunt for small
rodents, birds, and sometimes bugs. When their not hunting they spend their time taking naps.
Most cats live indoors nowadays and their owners have a big part on their sleeping pattern.
Every cat has their own sleeping schedule that they like to stick with. If a cat tends to stay up at night, play with them during the day to keep them up and active that way they can sleep at night.
Cat Facts
A cat can reach up to 5 times its height per jump
Cats can sense a humans feelings and overall mood
In North America, cats are more popular than dogs
73 million cats are kept as household pets and only 63 million dogs kept as pets
A cat can survive a fall as high as 65 feet or more
Cats have over 100 vocal sounds in their vocal repertoire
The claws in the paws of a cat are sharper in the two front paws than the two back ones
Kittens are born with blue eyes but over age they begin to change
Outdoor cats live up to 3-5 years
Indoor cats live up to 16 years and even more
Cats in small spaces
How do cats fit in small spaces?
Most house hold cats do not have anything to hunt but their instinct to hide still remains. Also, cats feel much safer and secure when their in small tight spaces.
Cat's eyes
Did you know that cats have an inner 3rd eyelid? Well, its true. Its technical name is the nictating membrane. Its sole purpose is to protect from dryness and disease.
How does a cats paw work?
Unlike humans, cats walk on their tipie toes. Because of this they are able to move quickly, agile, and quite. Their back paws are much more stronger than the front paws. Their back paws can better tolerate impacts when running and jumping. In each paw, there is a large pad in the middle, this helps absorb shocks and gives support for the leg bone.
In each paw, there are also sharp claws that are made of keratin protein and keratin dead cells. In order to keep them sharp, the claws are protected by the skin of the paw and fur.
Cats life span
An indoor cat can live up to 20 years, if given quality health care. But an average indoor cat lives up to 15 years. An outdoor cat lives to 3-5 years.
Why do most cats hate water?
Why do cats like sun light so much?
Hairless cats
If youve ever tried to give your cat a bath then you will probably know how they frantically try to get away and hide. Well, in some cases certain cats love to be bathed and others don't mind it. One of the main reasons cats dont like to be wet is because of their fur. If your cat has thick fur then he'll most likely be uncomfortable when he is wet. The reason for this is, when the cat is wet and their fur is soaked, it weighs them down, making it very uncomfortable. Another reason is because they may have never experienced it before. In hot weather, some cats like to soak in water to cool off.
Most people, when they look at hairless cats, they don't find them as cute as furry fuzzy puffy cats. Cats are typically silky soft furry animals that you can cuddle with. Although, some people do find hairless kitties much more adorbz than furry ones. There are different types of hairless cats. A Sphynx cat may be the first hairless cat you know. Or maybe you've heard of the name "Sphynx". A Sphynx is the most popular hairless cat. Another breed of a hairless cat is the Elf cat. This type of cat has ears that looks like an elfs, hence the name "The Elf Cat". The Ukrainian Levkoy cat has drooping ears that sort of looks like a dogs. The Bambino cat has stumpy legs, and big pointed ears. There are many other breeds of hairless cats and each have its on unique features just like cats that are furry!
Hairless Cat pictures
Ukrainian Levkoy
Cats are desert creatures, which means they have a very high heat tolerance. The cats who can deal with cold weather are much different. They have much more thicker fur to keep heat in. Unlike cats who have thinner fur, they have to stay in the sunlight in order to keep warm. Also, when cats fall asleep their body slightly drops in temperature and that's another reason to why cats love to sleep in sunlight.
Ways cats show affection
Slow blinking - "Kitty Kisses"
Head rubbing- When cats do this they are marking you as their property.
Following- Your cat wants to be where you are because she/he is interested in you.
Gifts- When a cat brings you dead animals such as birds and mice he/she is giving you a gift and hoping you are pleased with it.
Belly- When your cat rolls over and show his/her belly to you it means he/she trusts you.
Scratchy tongues
Cats have scratchy, rough tongues to groom themselves better. It also helps them to eat and drink. When cats groom themselves the little hooks on their tongues work as like a brush, unfortunately this is also how hair balls form. You can help by weekly brushing their fur.
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