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Static Electricity Experiment!

No description

Kenichiro Bernier

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Static Electricity Experiment!

Static Electricity Experiment!
Testable Question
How does the number of rubs affect the speed of the aluminum?
If the amount of rubs increases, then speed of the aluminum will increase.
Materials Needed
A strip of aluminum foil




The number of rubs does affect the speed of the aluminum after ten seconds. This is because in the data it shows that the average speed increases as the number of rubs increases. アThis works because the more you rub the balloon on your hair, the more electrons the balloon picks up, which makes it more attractable to the aluminum foil.
Step Procedure

1. Collect materials
2. Rub balloon on hair to produce friction
3. Set up aluminum and pencil on bowl
4. Move balloon around when the rubs was 10, for ten seconds so induction happens.
5. Record the data(the time it takes to copy the moves of the balloon)
6. Do the above for 30 and 50 rubs
I predict that the amount of rubs will affect the speed of the aluminum.
Number of rubs/
Number of tries



10 30 50
10sec 10sec 4sec

13sec 5sec 5sec

11.5sec 7.5sec 4.5sec
-I noticed that the average time went down each time the number of rubs went up.

-I noticed that although the averages are different, I got the same results in trial 1 for 30 and 10 rubs. Also, in trial 2 for both 30 and 50 rubs i got the same number.

-I noticed that the times are all quick and all under 15 sec. Also, that they are not much different from each other and the difference is only 3 to 4 seconds.

The number of rubs does affect the speed of the aluminum, because for 10 rubs the average speed was 11.5 sec, 30 rubs it was 7.5sec and for 50 rubs the average was 4.5 sec.

The speed only changes by 3 or 4 seconds, which is not that much compared to the changes in the number of rubs. This is because for 10 and 30 rubs, both had 10sec in trail 1, and for 30 and 50 rubs, both had 5 sec in one of their trails.
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