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Four Seasons

No description

Ritika Babbar

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Four Seasons

Four Seasons
Operation Objective
Production Process
Example 1: Restaurant

Supply Chain Management
E-commerce: E-commerce helps Four Seasons customer to make booking online on their website. Mobile commerce, from the iPad and other tablets can also be used for commercial transaction.

Global sourcing: Certain CEO and presidents were outsourced from different companies to work for Four seasons.
Inventory Management
Quality Management
Four Seasons
Product Design and Development
Other Functions
Four Seasons wants to use high-tech technology for their customer to have a best stay at four seasons. Four season is planning to use IPad in restaurant instead of waiter. Technology is used in laundry, in kitchen, for room service, in hotel facilities such as salon, Lecterns and Data projectors for conference room, connecting with customers through social networking sites such a twitter and instagram etc

SiteMinder’s unique pooled inventory model allows the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney to have all available inventory and rates showing across all sites all of the time. The SiteMinder system automatically adjusts inventory when a booking occurs across any site. This results in less manual work and there’s less risk.
Four seasons has adopted total quality management and quality assurance model. TQM model helps to enhance customer satisfaction, attain competitive advantage and retain guest loyalty.

For quality assurance, four seasons obey the following ISO certificate:
ISO 9000-4 quality
ISO 22000- food safety management system

This helps Four seasons to create a working value environment leading to increasing job commitment and satisfaction, employee empowerment and involvement improving communication and encouraging teamwork.
Four seasons is currently outsourcing service such as laundry and employment recruitment with the aim of increasing efficiency. With outsourcing laundry four seasons can access best technology and get the work quickly and cheaply. With recruitment four seasons can take help from outside agency to hire the appropriate candidate.
Outdoor Activities
Consistent service delivered every day around the world all the time
Above and beyond the code of duty (they go out of their way to make customer experiences and stay the most enjoyable as possible)
Their hospitality is friendly and attentive all hours of the day and night.
Speed and Dependability
Speedy room service
Restaurant (Speedy cooking, always use fresh ingredients when preparing/making food)
Concierge is dependable (Knows there way around the city & can get you good deals for shows and sporting events).
Accommodation vary from $250 to $3000
Transportation free
Concierge free
Facilities like pool, gym, sauna etc is free
Spa ranger from $40 for manicure to $400 for spa treatment
Restaurant menu is different according to certain countries ad during different season of the year.
Flexibility and Customisation
Room service (Set to the customers time)
Restaurant (Customised menu, seating positions)
Rooms (Upgrading to a larger room, products/ soap free, hyper allergenic pillows)
Laundry (Separating clothes)
Transportation (Times the driver picks you up)
Flexible with restaurant, rooms bookings, activities, and hire for ski etc
Brief History
Four Seasons Hotels, Inc. is a Canadian international luxury, five-star hotel management company. Canadian businessman Isadore Sharp founded Four Seasons in 1960 in Toronto. It has currently 93 hotels in 38 countries. It has 37,263 according to the 2013 survey.
Prime Function
The prime function of the Four Seasons is to accommodate travelers, and to provide a luxurious stay. Service offered by Four Seasons include:
Room Service
Spa and Salon
Recreational Activities
Mission Statement
They have corporate values, no mission statement. However "The company's guiding principle is the Golden Rule, and as such Four Seasons strives to have a long-lasting, positive influence on the communities where we operate and on the people we employ and serve around the world. We believe that this is integral to our success as a company. This commitment is expressed consistently in our actions, through three main areas of focus. "
Production/Transportation Process
Delicious food
Cleaning suppliers (bottles)
Snow board
Transformation/Production Process
Cleaned and dust free skies
Raw material: vegetable and other food products required
Example 2: Concierge at a ski field
By Ritika & Alex
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