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Chris Hadfield

No description

Samantha McKay

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield Chris Hadfield's Life Chris Hadfield's Family Chris Hadfield's School Life Chris Hadfield's Accomplishments How Chris Hadfield
Will be Remembered in the
Future Chris Hadfield was born on August 29, 1959 in Sarnia Ontario. His parents are Roger and Eleanor Hadfield. He was raised on a small corn farm in southern Ontario and became interested in flying at a young age. Chris enjoys skiing, writing, running, singing, playing the guitar, and play vollyball. When he was 9 on the day of Apollo moon landing, he had an idea of becoming an astronaut. More over, Chris Hadfield's favourite hockey team as a child, and even now, is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Parents: Roger and Eleanor Hadfield Chris went to White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville, Ontario until he gratuated.
Then for high school he went
to Milton District High School in
1977. When Chris was 15, he
earned a glider pilot scholarship
as a member of the Royal Canadian
Air Cadets and at age 16 he won a
powered pilot scholarship. Once he
graduated high school, he spent 2
years at Royal Roads Military College.
While at college, he received a bachelor's
degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1982. Wife: Helene Walter Children: Kyle, Evan, Kristin Chris Hadfield has many accomplishments. He has a ton of accomplishments having to do with flight training. He's had 2 space flights. STS-74 and STS-100. STS-74 was in November of 1995, and STS-100 was in April of 2001. Additionally, on December 19, 2012 he launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS. More over, Chris is working on his first music album to be recorded in orbit during his free time on Expedition 35. More About Chris
Hadfield's Music He's going to be recording the album using a Larivée Parlor guitar, Shure microphones, and Cakewalk for recording. The first song he recorded in space was Jewel In The Night, and it was released via YouTube on Christmas Eve 2012. He also collaborated with Ed Robertson to sing "I.S.S (Is Somebody Singing)" and it was first aired on the CBC Radio Program Q and first released be CBC Music Online on February 8, 2013. Why Chris Hadfield
is Worth Selecting I think Chris Hadfield is worth selecting because he was the first canadian to go up into space. Additionally, he used The Royal Canadian Mint for his space walk to install the Canadarm 2 on the I.S.S. Also, the airport in Sarnia used to be called the Sarnia airport. However, when he went up into space for the first time in 1997, it was renamed to the Sarnia Chris Hadfield Airport. More over, a school in Milton, Ontario was named Chris Hadfield Public School, which is part of the Halton District School Board. I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Chris Hadfield The End! Some Pics From Space Chris Hadfield
Underwater From May 10 to May 23, 2010 Chris was the Commander of NEEMO 14, a NASA undersea mission to test exploration concepts living in an underwater facility. NEEMO 14 used the ocean floor to simulate exploration missions to the surface of asteroids, moons, and Mars in order to gain a better understanding of how astronaut crews interact with equipment including advanced spacesuits, a lander, a rover, and robotic arms. Questions? I think Chris Hadfield will be remembered in the future as the first canadian to go up into space. What I also think is pretty cool that people will remember is that he is the first astronaut to go up into space and tell people what is happening and keeping us updated by using twitter. Additionally, when Chris told us to turn our house lights on so he could take a picture passing through Sarnia, it was amazing how even though it was foggy and not the best day, he still got the picture that still looked awesome.
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