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30th Judicial District Alliance

No description

The 30th Alliance

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of 30th Judicial District Alliance

Who We Are
Serving seven counties in Western North Carolina, we collaborate with other local organizations in order to support and advocate for those suffering from domestic violence and sexual assault.
Log Dog Kennel!
Log Dog Kennel?
Where we are:
Currently in Phase 1 of land acquisition, construction, and seeking financial donations!
Our Goals:

Provide a home and training for family, therapy, service, and rescue dogs!
Where the money goes:
All profits go toward those who have been exposed to violence!

30th Judicial District Alliance
2013-2014 Annual Report
The Alliance goes to Nashville
Marketing the Log Dog Kennels Project in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry
And Log Dog Kennels and the Alliance are on social media, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter!
Why Social Media?
Why is The Alliance using Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter?

Because you get to build "long-lasting relationships with customers and professional contacts" and relay "to them the type of content and expertise they will want to share"
"73% of adults in North America use social networking"

"92% of respondents said that social media marketing is important to their businesses"

"Social commerce sales will reach $30,000,000,000 by 2015"
Victim Services and Outreach
Sexual Assault
Goal: Serve justice to the victims of these crimes and to shift the paradigm from blaming the victim to the offender.
Red Zone: Targeting College Campuses
Partnering with W.C.U. University
Freshman girls are more likely to be sexually assaulted from the start of first semester to the end of Thanksgiving break.
Embodying Our Name Through Collaboration
REACH of Haywood County
ARC of Haywood
Haywood Vocational Opportunities
Legal Aid of NC
Waynesville Police Department
Haywood Jackson Psychological Services
KARE House
Haywood County Sheriff's Office
Haywood Community Connections
District Attorney's Office
Meridian Behavioral Health Services
Smoky Mountain LME/MCO

Our Financial Supporters
Private Donations
So What Did We Do This Year?
What have she and The Alliance been working on this year to get such an award?
Executive Director, Sue Fowler, received a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service on Behalf of Crime Victims
Darren Nicholson performs at
Sue with some board members!
Attended the Animal-Assisted Play Therapy Conference in Charlotte, led by Dr. Rise VanFleet
Taking Steps Closer toward Log Dog Kennel Realization
(Model of what the Alliance envisions)
Creating and Distributing
Informational Materials
Types of Materials
Amount of Materials
EBCI: 5,578
Spanish: 14,519
English: 37,157
Total: 57,254 materials
Who's Using Them?
DSS Offices
Law Enforcement Agencies
DA's offices
Health Departments
Clerk of Court
Service Providers
Materials, Cont.
Russ Conner earned one as well! Pictured with DA co-workers.
Awareness:Denim Day
Take Back the Night
with W.C.U.
The Vagina Monologues: Showing our Support
Because rape is rape, regardless of one's "skinny jeans" or garments.
Because everyone should be able to walk at night without fear of being assaulted.
Goal: To keep the abusers
from abusing again and
to ultimately bring safety and shelter to victims
Seeing the Signs
Knowing Rights
Getting a DVPO
Children Exposed to Violence
Awareness Event in Cherokee County
Domestic Violence
The Alliance helps raise
awareness through events!
Through the Arrest Grant
Jennifer Stevens, ADA
for DV and SA Victims
Amy Jicha, Investigator
of DV and SA Crimes
"The victims in our cases are already fighting enormous battles to escape danger, protect their families, and heal from abuse. When it comes to prosecution, they need dedicated support and guidance. I'm honored to come alongside those who bravely confront their abusers and shed light on what they've endured as we work toward justice."

Stats that Prove
The Impact of a Special Prosecution Team
Jennifer Stevens and Amy Jicha have been a vital part of the DA's Office for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prosecution. Through the Arrest Grant, there are greater conviction rates.

The Alliance helps educate the region about signs of domestic violence.
The Alliance produces materials and distributes them in order to educate victims and communities about victim rights.
The Alliance ensures that victims can learn how to get DVPOs by distributing materials throughout the seven counties, and will often assist and support victims by taking them to the magistrate to file for one.
Studies show that children exposed to violence experience psychological trauma long after the abusive incidents, and become part of domestic violence later--either as victims or abusers.
"Being able to serve survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, both in and out of the courtroom, has been a dream come true and the most rewarding experience of my life."
Reaching out to other cultures to ensure their safety as well, as part of our mission.
Conviction rate of DV and SA Cases
in Haywood County:
The rest of Western NC:
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

2013-2015: $83,200

Sisters of Mercy
Immigrant Victims of Crime
Regional Work
Total to Community Partners since 2007
The Evergreen Foundation
2013-2014 Grant
Business Development Training with Greg Gudorf, MBA from California, for Log Dog Kennels
Initial Marketing Strategies
Postcards & Business Cards
Training Events
The Alliance leads and facilitates trainings that help the community and its collaborative partners in its fight against domestic violence and sexual assault.

Cultural Competency
Immigrants are often abused, with no knowledge of their new culture and have language barriers. They are afraid of deportation and require reassurance and cultural sensitivity.

Children Exposed to Violence
It is important for the community to understand the trauma involved with children exposed to violence and what measures to take if it seems like a child is being exposed.
Human Trafficking
Human trafficking takes place everywhere, including the US and even in Haywood County. Trainings conducted help people see the signs of human trafficking and how to help these victims.
Elder Abuse
and Those with Disabilities
Elders and those with disabilities are often the most vulnerable. They are often dependent on others for their care and are therefore easy to take advantage of.
Sexual Assault Response Team
The Alliance's members and its partner members are part of the Sexual Assault ResponseTeam. They help train law enforcement better respond to sexual assault.
Karen Arias
Karen serves as a bilingual victims' advocate. She often helps lead these trainings, particularly human trafficking and multicultural competency trainings.
Despite setbacks, like the Great Office Flood of 2013, the Alliance has:
Distributed 57,254 materials
Served 1,979 victims
Trained 990 people
Convicted 165% more DV and SA perpetrators in Haywood County than the rest of Western N.C.
CEV Statistics
270 Child Sexual Assault Victims
758 Child Domestic Violence Victims
1028 Victims Served
25 Trainings
556 People trained
559 Parent Services
Immigrant Crime Victims and Cultural Competency Trainings and Services
11 Counties Trained
15 Trainings Conducted
434 People Trained
689 Victim Services
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
The Community Foundation, The Fund for Haywood County, and the Janirve Legacy Fund
Children Exposed to Violence
Early Intervention
CEV Alert 9-1-1 Call
Community Response
Victim Services and DVPOs Granted
262 Victims Served
150 Temporary DVPOs granted
28 Final DVPOs granted
The Alliance participates and often leads awareness events to educate the public about domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as reaches out to victims and let's them know that they have rights, options, and services that can be acquired.
Please do not copy the images used in this annual report due to copyright infringement laws.

Macarthy, A. (2014). 500 Social Marketing Tips. J. Finegold (Ed.).
Macarthy, A. (2014). 500 Social Marketing Tips. J. Finegold (Ed).
Thank you to all of our community partners who join us in our work!
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