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France: Housing in Different Cultures

No description

Rachel Wilson

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of France: Housing in Different Cultures

France: Housing in Different Cultures Characteristics of France France’s climate is generally temperate, but includes Oceanic, Semi-Oceanic, Mountain, Continental, and Mediterranean. Climates: Topography: France topographically is one of the most varied countries of Europe, with elevations ranging from sea level to the highest peak of the continent, Mont Blanc (4,807 m/15,771 ft) France has the world's fifth largest economy by nominal figures and the ninth largest economy by PPP figures, it also has the second largest economy in Europe. Economy: French Pastimes: France is well known for its art, fashion and food. Many people spend their time eating or wine tasting. Can be small or manor sized Country Cottages: Smaller Cottages: Manor sized cottages: The most common housing type in many villages.
Price: around 299,000 € People of nobility usually lived here prior to the 18th century.
Price: around 560,000 € Newer homes are at a high demand in today's world. Modern style homes: Modern Cottage Style: Many people in modern day France like the feel of new, modern homes but also want the charm of the cottage, so this is a good halfway.
Price: around 495,000 € Modern Homes: Many people like homes to be totally new and fresh.
Price: around 1,195,000 € Many people like to be in the hussle and bussle of city life, and this is a great homing choice for those who want to be in the middle of everything. Apartments &Lofts: Apartments: Lofts:
Apartments are for more family oriented lifestyles.
This style of apartments would be found in the suburb parts of a city. Usually for more professional type lifestyles.
This style could be found in wealthier or higher class parts of a city. Apartments: This style of apartments would be found in older parts of a city.
Price a month: around 2000 € Lofts: This style could be found in newer more modern parts of cities.Price per month: around 1000€ There are modern and old castles all around France, usually wealthier families reside here. Castles/Chateaus: Wealthy families live in these or use them as vacation homes. Newer castles/chateaus: Royalty would live in castles such as this or use them as summer homes.
Price: around 20,500,000 € Older castles/chateaus:
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