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Health Triangle Connections

No description

Matthew Evans

on 15 January 2016

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Transcript of Health Triangle Connections

Health Triangle Connections
These are the songs I feel relate to Mental/Emotional health, Physical Health and Social Health.
Mental/Emotional Health
This song pertains to ones loss of their significant other, thus causing them to go into a state of depression. This song is featured in the 2013 Anime, Attack on Titan.
Physical Health
'Light up the Crucible' is a fan song of the hit game 'Destiny' this song is pertaining to the Player vs. Player, and puts the players skills against others. So in a way, though its a video game, for the avatars its physical health.
Social Health
'Over and Under it' pertains to the rumors that those around you have heard and tell you. The aggressiveness of the song is the mental voice of the victim of the rumors, telling his side of the rumors, and thus putting a lot of them to rest.
Mental/Emotional Health (Continued. Disclaimer, this video is violent and contains subjects that should NEVER be made fun of.)
'Coming Down' by Five Finger Death Punch
This song pertains to the effects of Bullying. The two victims in this video are going to commit suicide, but are ultimately stopped at the end by their friends and family. This pertains to Mental AND Emotional Health by the fact that bullying is never okay to do. People that you are possibly bullying could be going through various mental or emotional problems at home or in their life. It is never okay to make the victim want to end their own life.. So please.. Stop.
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