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No description

Craig Milmine

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Vision

Students at the Center of their Learning
Provide an environment where young people become confident, connected actively involved life-long learners
Safe Environment
Success for all learners
Strong guidance Network
Form Teachers, Deans, SMT, Guidance Counselor , G & T, Careers and Transition
Peer Support Camp
Setting the school culture from Day One.

Building support network for Year 9's
Collaborative Learning
Students design a course of study where they can achieve success
Students have learning coach who helps the student design an appropriate course of study to achieve success appropriate to the student's abilities.
Project Based Learning
Timetable for Learning Coach
Timetabling for 90 minutes per week of time with a learning coach to go over student's course of study and to plan passion projects.
Learning Coach PL
Professional learning for all staff on how to support a group of 12 students through designing courses, supporting needs and creating an appropriate project for project days.
Achievement standards and assessments designed to cover more than one learning area.
Cross-curricular Learning
Longer Learning Periods
100 minute periods to give students more time to focus on student centered projects without constant interruption of bells.
Deep Questioning
Examining new facts and ideas critically and linking them into prior knowledge
Day off Timetable
One day per week where students work on passion projects. Student and learning coach plan day and seminars offered by teachers, learning hubs established around the school, offsite learning opportunities actively pursued. Creativity is rewarded. Intellectual curiosity is at the heart.
Learning Area T&L
Common core curriculum, NCEA subject based assessment.
Learning Coaches
Promoting a positive learning relationship with student. Learning coach is responsible for promoting student critical thinking about their learning. Learning coach helps design the passion project with the student
Digital Citizenship
Promotion of safety in an online environment is thread across all curriculum areas. The use of responsible use is encouraged.
Health and safety
Clear guidelines are promoted and practices implemented. EOTC is encouraged.
Connection with communities - both locally and globally is encouraged. Connection with Maori and Pasifika communities.
Promotion of relationships
Teachers model good relationships. Whanaungatanga - Effective relationships with high expectations of Maori learners.
Relating to others
Students interact effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts.

Active Listening, recognising different points of view and negotiating and the sharing of ideas is promoted.
Collaborative Learning
Students contribute appropriately as group members, make connections with others (online and in person) and create opportunities for others in their groups.
Students understand and contribute to the quality of the social, cultural, physical and economic environments.
Collaborative Tools
Wifi, student electronic devices, google apps.
Promoting connections with wider Maori and Pasifika communities.
Time allowances for deans
Promote diverse range of quality cultural and sporting opportunities
Students are offered a range of opportunities to experience success. Teamwork is promoted.
Trades course pathways in partnership with other schools
Targeted courses for low achieving students
Identify through assessment students who would benefit from increased support
Modern Learning Environments
Large, open planned spaces with breakout rooms to encourage cross curricular collaboration
Accessible Assessments
Modes of assessments are appropriate for the learning needs of the student.
Alternative assessment resources.
ICT tools such as cameras. Online web based assessments, Professional Learning around alternative methods of assessments and moderation.
Newlands College
Strategic Vision Framework
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