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Hitler's Resume

No description

logan michalak

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Hitler's Resume

Hitler wasn't born with anti-Semitic views, however he did acquire them when he was in Vienna. He lived in a poor neighborhood with a large jewish community. Adolf struggled, being rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
War Exposure
When 1914 came, war exploded across Europe. Hitler who was now in Germany had a strong love for his country and was eager to serve. He went into battle with brave and patriotic attitudes which contributed to his promotion to Corporal, he won several medals, and he had a strong incentive to impress his leaders.
Nazi Party Formed
Adolf has never had a regular job. When he joined the German Workers Party he put in substantial effort to succeed. Hitler proved his worth with astonishing speeches and pride. As he ranted about the jews blaming them for Germany's problems, attendance began to increase. As the group got bigger Hitler changed the name to "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" or nazi.
Wasted Potential
Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945 in his bunker in Berlin. Soviet troops had pushed through Berlin and were a block away from his bunker, when he shot and poisoned himself. He was a sick genius, it was too bad he couldn't put his abilities somewhere else.
Hitler's Resume

Rebel to Fuhrer

Hitler became more renown as time continued to pass. He took advantage of every opportunity to expose himself to his nation. He became president of the Nazi's, and ran for president of Germany and almost won. By then everybody in the nation knew of Hitler. Eventually President Hindenburg past and Hitler being the next leader in line stepped in and started calling the shots. He named himself Fuhrer and started a Reich. He required all of his soldiers to take an oath saying they'd obey him. Hitler finally had what he had dreamed of.
One Powerful Man
Hitler had a persuasive way to spread his horrible propaganda throughout Germany without attracting any attention. Until...Hitler invades Poland. The invasion went without any problems. By the time Hitler took over France, Germany was waging war with several other countries. In the meanwhile taking his anti-Semitic views to the next level, Hitler begins the construction of concentration camps throughout all of Germany and Poland.
What goes up must come down
Hitler had a tight grasp around all of Europe, and he was running a tight show. Time was counting down until his inevitable collapse. As the allies slowly weakened German Oppression, Hitler withdrew his army more and more. Concentration camps were being to be liberated left and right and he didn't have many more options.
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