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Harris RF 5800H-MP

No description

Aaron Sosa

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Harris RF 5800H-MP

Control, Indicators and Display
RF 5800H-MP System Setup & Teardown

RF 5800H-MP Setup
Display and Connectors
Supports digital security based on Harris Citadel, or or Advance Encryption Standard (AES) or Datotek encryption.
Last Ditch Voice (LDV) (in 3G only) allows the radio to deliver digital voice under very poor conditions and be saved at the receiving radio end.
Supports Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)
Supports Automatic Radio Control System (ARCS) link set-up and data link protocols in 3G radio mode.
Supports enhanced Electronic Counter Counter Measure (ECCM) – frequency hopping in HF (narrow-band, wide-band, and list).
Provides accurate Time-Of-Day (TOD) and geographic location information through the optional built-in Global Positioning System (GPS).
Supports full remote control or Point-to-Point (PPP) from a customer-supplied remote control terminal.
Supports networking capability using PPP or Ethernet.
Supports Wireless Internet Protocol (IP) data transfer when operating in (3G).
Supports operation in 3G+ mode, allows the radio to receive/send ALE and 3G calls without switching modes
Supports operation in 3G Short Message Service (SMS) mode, allows radios to send/receive short text messages
• The function switch is used both to turn the radio on or off, and to select the Radio’s Crypto Operating Mode.
The selections are:
–OFF Radio powered off
–PT Plain Text (voice or data)
–CC Citadel Cover (not used)
–CT Cipher Text (secure digital voice or data)
–RV or A Receive Variable (not used)
–LD Load Crypto variable (not used)
–Z ZEROIZE (requires a Pull-to-Turn Action)
• [CALL] Has distinctive uses in each of the four radio modes:
–FIX: Initiate a hail.
–ALE: Enters the ALE call menu.
–HOP: Transmit sync request.
–3G: Enters the 3G call menu.
–Used as an ABORT key to cancel an operation.
–To back up through a menu chain.
–To clear a message displayed on the front panel.
• This key has two additional uses in ALE mode:
–To toggle scanning on/off.
–To initiate termination of a link.
• In SSB Scan operation
–It is used to toggle scanning on or off.
– Used to accept a choice from a menu.
– Also used on the Channel screen to initiate editing of frequencies.
• [MODE]: used to change the radio’s operating mode to FIX, ALE, 3G, or HOP.
• [OPT] OPTIONS: go to the OPTIONS main menu in each mode.
• [PGM] PROGRAM: go to the PROGRAM main menu.

• [NET] or [PRE] +/-: used to move between system presets.
• [SQ] SQUELCH: used to enable or disable squelch.
• [VOL] VOLUME +/-: adjusts the handset audio level.
• [>] [<] Cursor control keys:
– Used to move among fields on the Front Panel Display.
– To move left or right within an entry field.
• [∧] [∨] Cursor control keys. Used to scroll through a list of choices in a menu.
• [C] Toggles between the PRESET screen and the CHANNEL screen.

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