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Soccer Presentation

September 2012

Abby Smith

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Soccer Presentation

SOCCER By: Abby Smith Men's soccer: 1900 Olympic games in Paris Rules When did it become an Olympic Sport? The Team A maximum of 11 players per team are allowed on the field at one time (this is including the goalie) Women's soccer: 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta Two teams of eleven players compete against each other The concept of the game is to put the ball into the other team's goal while only using your feet to control the ball The game is monitored by a single head referee who has two assistants There are two 45 minute halves, with additional time being an option if needed The game is played on a rectangular field, approximately 110 meters by 75 meters A team is allowed to have an 18 player roster, but only 3 substitutes are allowed to be made each game Age Restrictions Players must be under 23 years old for both men's and women's teams However, the men's team is allowed to have 3 veterans that are over the age of 23 History First Gold Medalists:
(Men) Great Britain
(Women) USA The Most Gold Medals Overall:
(Men) Great Britain and Hungary are tied with 3 each
(Women) USA with 3 2012 London Olympics Men's Soccer:
(Gold) Mexico
(Silver) Brazil
(Bronze) South Korea Women's Soccer:
(Gold) USA
(Silver) Japan
(Bronze) Canada Soccer in the Paralympics There are two kinds of Paralympic soccer... 7-Sided:
First played in the Paralympics in 1984
For those with physical disabilities
60 minute games with a smaller field and smaller goals
There is no offsides and players are allowed to roll a ball in, instead of throwing it in 5-Sided:
First played in the Paralympics in 2004
For the visually impaired
The ball is equipped with a noise-making device to allow players to locate it by sound
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