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Furman V. Georgia

No description

lucky compton

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Furman V. Georgia

Furman V. Georgia
The greatest impact
Decision of the court
The court was splintered. Initially - They (the LOWER court) ruled 5 to 4 in favor of Georgia. They also issued Mr. Furman to the death penalty.
Plead Of insanity!!
William Furman's Lawyer stated that he was incompetent of his actions and of what had happened. The doctor called him a liar, and said that he was perfectly capable of with standing a normal court trial and he was very aware of his actions
Violation of rights?
Mr. Furman argued that this violated his 8th amendment rights of cruel and unusual punishment, and his 14th amendment rights, equal protection of the laws, and citizenship rights. they then gave Mr. Furman a retrial.
related court case!
Gregg v GA (1975)
A jury of the supreme court found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and sentenced him to death. On appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the death sentence except his sentence for the robbery conviction. Gregg challenged his remaining death sentence for murder, claiming that the the courts decision was a "cruel and unusual" punishment that violated the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments. Surpeme Court agreed- they were in favor of Gregg 7-2. This overturned HIS death sentence! Gregg was sentenced to life in prison instead.
New court decision!
Furman's case then went to the supreme court and they found that his previous case ruling did violate his 8th and 14th amendment rights. The Supreme court then issued him life in prison instead of death by electrocution. 5-4 in fAVOR of Furman!
Furman V. Georgia 1972
The case that rocked the supreme court!
William Henry Furman approached a house in Savanna Georgia with the intention to steal something. He cracked the window and let himself in the back door. The house owner William Micke awoke thinking his son was sleep walking, but when Furman noticed he had been busted he ran, and claimed that he "Accidentally" shot Mr. Micke.
Judge Harrison gave the jury orders to determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant, but if found guilty they would have to decide punishment! 2 options, death by electrocution, or life in the pin. this had never been done before in the state of Georgia.
OUR freedoms
These cases enhanced our freedoms because now, if you commit a crime, you can not be put to death. You will serve life in prison. They found being put to death "cruel and unusual punishment"
My opinion!
I think this case was very interesting. The way the Georgia courts handled it. The supreme court judge had never issued the jury to determine the guilt or innocence plus the sentence of punishment of the defendant. Also, how Mr. Furman's lawyer was called a liar and he did not get off with the plead of insanity. Also how they found death by electrocution cruel and unusual, and now it is outlawed! This freedom means that if i commit a crime i can not be put to death. I will just serve life in prison.
Why should YOU care ?
If your loved one commits an act of violence, you do not have to watch them be beaten or electrocuted to death by the law enforcement for there act of violence. An example would be in the early nineteenth century, the U.S. led the world in a new practice of imprisoning people in solitary cells, without access to any human contact or stimulation, as a method of rehabilitation. The results were disastrous, as prisoners quickly became severely mentally disturbed.This was decided as cruel and unusual punishment, and was quickly abandoned.
The end!
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