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No description

bret williams

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of LOOKBOOK.nu


An Analyzation
Identification of social media zones and other classification system
Lookbook demonstrates all aspects in all four zones of social media
Zone 1: Social Community (User-generated)
Zone 2: Social Publishing (Many users have blogs)
Zone 3: Social Commerce (Media sharing site)
Zone 4: Social Entertainment (Reviews and rating are created)
Brief History
Founded in 2008 by Yuri Lee from San Francisco, CA
As of 2013, Lookbook.nu has over 1.2 million registered members
Inspired by street style
LOOKBOOK.nu is the #1 source for fashion inspiration from real people around the world.
Presentation of the interface and various uses
10 Rules Regarding Posts on Lookbook
1. Full body photos are required
2. Looks must be unobstructed, clearly visible and free of text and other distractions
3. No more than one look per photo
4. YOU must be in the photo
5. No more than 3 views of an outfit
6.DO NOT repost photos
7. DO NOT post commercial ads or any form of spam
8. DO NOT post photos that don't belong to you
9. No nudity or offensive material
10. No photos of children (under the age of 13)

Target Market
Average Age = 20
Female = 80% of users
Young: 66% between 18-34, 33% between 12-17
Connected: 50% of members run their own blog or personal website
Comparable Platforms

If Polyvore and Pinterest had a child, it would be Lookbook.nu
Monetization Strategy
Advertising= $3,000 per mo. for flag banner
Networth= $19, 315, 000
$6, 174 / day
$185,220 / month
$2,222,640 / year
Website Traffic = 411,667 visitors / day
12, 350, 010 / month
2,058, 116 pageviews / day
61,743,480 pageviews/ month
740, 921, 760 pageviews/ year
Gains its revenue by advertisements and collabs with other huge fashion brands [ i.e Levis ]
Characteristics of Web 2.0
User-Generated Content
Crowdsourcing Defined
Lookbooks ingenious use of crowdsourcing: they stay up to date with latest trends by allowing the users from all over the world to post looks.. This way, Lookbook.nu will never go
Organization on Social Media
Style Scrapbook
According to her website, Andy T says: “I started StyleScrapbook almost 5 years ago because of a need to share my dreams, my goals and my
She is an active lookbook user (414 posted looks), and she is 16th most
popular user of all time: her profile on LookBook has 491,229 fans.
By Bret Williams & Anneliese Feininger
Social Media Marketing by Tracey L. Tuten & Michael R. Solomon
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