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BiH 2013 Summer Internship-Eko Centar Blagaj

No description

Chendan Yan

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of BiH 2013 Summer Internship-Eko Centar Blagaj

My Asian "Sister"
Yao Yang
Delicious Cherry Pastry
and Bosnian Coffee
One Day the the Eko Centar
Our day begins with preparing food for dogs (bread mixed with dog food), opening the gate of the donkey stable, and bringing hay to the donkeys.

Where there are guests, we serve them drinks, clean the bar, and give tours of the animals to our guests.

In the afternoon, our coworkers usually transport us to the office of Eco Center. There, we help our supervisor Adnan with his English reports that he’s been working on for the US Embassy in Sarajevo. There is a high chance that the US Embassy will be sponsoring future projects at the Center. Therefore, it is very important for us to work on the projects reports to make sure that they are clear and detailed at the same time.

During the summertime, we often have events at night. We have helped with many group dinners at the Center, including two birthday parties, karate school dinner, and etc. We usually help prepare the dinner and clean up afterwards.
I cannot describe how amazing my
Bosnian experience was.
But I can definitely say that
I have become a better person.

Hvala Lijepa!
Thank you very much!
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