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MGT 538 WK2 Training Program Part 1

No description

Liz Dela Cruz

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of MGT 538 WK2 Training Program Part 1

South Korea Alabama, USA India Beijing, China Turkey Czech Republic Russia India South Korea China U.S.A Brazil Training Program for Hyundai Corporation Team B Jan 31, 2013 From San Diego, CA TEAM B Elizabeth Dela Cruz
Glenn Gonzaga
Mike Rin
Manufacturing Plant Locations Liz (Mike) (Glenn) (Dave) (Liz) Mike Part I * Direct communicators, “yes” is “I hear you”
* Relationships develop through informal gatherings, i.e. drinking, eating, etc..
* Warm, friendly, & hospitable
* High context culture
* Sit upright, with feet squarely on the floor, and to speak slowly, showing a blending of body and spirit. Communication/Leadership Styles Glenn Dave Liz Any Thoughts or Questions Thank You for Listening? References * Deresky, H. (2011). International Management. Managing Across Borders and Cultures: Text and Cases (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.


* https://cia.gov.library.publications.the-world-factbook/geos/ks.html

* LeFebvre, R. (2011, November). A Study of Business Codes of Conduct. Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets, 3(1), 391-402. doi:10.7885/1946-651X.1055 Communicative Stye/Leadership Style * Direct & straightforward

* Politically oriented

* Sincere but not willing to compromise * Hardworking

* Bureaucratic

* Values higher education Business Ethics/Movitators * Personal commitment to Individuals rather than the legal system form the basis of contracts.

* Emphasis on integrity

* Value truth and honesty in business dealings * Relationship focused

* Importance of harmony

* Importance of not losing “face” or cause to be embarrassed. Potential Conflict/Current State * They tend to ask too many

* Questions of their counterparts. “inquisitive”

* Confucian emphasis on kinship

* They prefer to do business with familiar and trusted people * Administer questionnaires

* Assess current level of company mood & atmosphere

* Interviews OR ? * Authoritarian work culture - respect for family, authority, formality, class, and rank
* Disciplined & hard working Business Ethics Motivators * Business is based on honor and trust - most contracts are oral.

* Connections are vital for business introductions.

* Honest criticism is rare

* High on uncertainty avoidance (low risk takers) * Family, interpersonal relationships, and respect for elders

* loyalty to the company, group-oriented achievement, and emphasis on group harmony and business relationships. Potential Conflict * Koreans are high-context people, perceive less verbal people as more attractive (Deresky, 2011).

* American merit-based reward system - go against traditional value system & disrupt harmony (Deresky, 2011).

* Korean business customs - Men greet with a bow, handshake, eye contact
- Biz cards are exchanged, face up, both hands
- Gifts express great deal and reciprocated
- Liquor may be given to a man, not woman Current State * Cultural Awareness Self Assessment

* Cultural Awareness Surveys

* Review company policies

* Research any culturally sensitive incidents Part II Training Program Preparation Training Program Preparation Dave Glenn Solution Liz * Cultural Awareness Role Playing

* Cultural Awareness Training (presentations & videos)

* Testimonials from experience

* Follow-on training and surveys

* Create focus groups

* Education and seminar Liz Communicative/Leadership Styles * Looks for and says the truth
* Is not afraid of speaking up and has no fears
* Exercises self-control
* Seeks solutions that will please all the parties involved
* Do not like to express 'no‘
* High-context culture (Deresky, 2011) * Paternalist and autocratic, based on formal authority and charisma
* Decision making mostly centralized,
* An emphasis on rules and a low propensity for risk
* Nepotism prevails in job hiring and placement
* Relationship orientation is a more important characteristic of effective leaders than performance or task orientation (Deresky, 2011) Business Ethics & Motivators * A culture of hierarchy
* A collectivist culture- US Strongly individualistic
* Patriarchal society- The family is center of society- Loyalty lies to family not work- 75% family owned business
* Relationships are vital for business transactions
* Treat elders with respect (LeFebvre, (2011) * Family
* Religion- 80% Hindu
* Social order and their status
* All relationships involve hierarchies
* Long standing personal relationships (Deresky, 2011) Potential Conflict * Hierarchy

* Indians are non-confrontational. It is rare for them to overtly disagree

* Decision making is a slow process

* Indian business managers find ethical decision making to be much more difficult than American business managers do Current State * Cultural Awareness Assessments
* Cultural Awareness Surveys
* Review Hyundia company policies
* Research any culturally sensitive incidents Communication & Leadership Styles Business Ethics & Motivators * Self-reliance and individualism (free speech)

* Egalitarianism (equality)

*Efficiency * Straight forward

* Literal

* Personal (logic)

* Informal (free speaking)

* Problem Oriented (rational) * Social ethics (accountable for their own actions )

*Organizational ethics (a shared sense of pride and responsibility)

* Individual ethics (our conceptions of right and wrong) * Camaraderie

* Competitive Compensation

* Professional Growth

* Recognition

* Providing for self and family

* Pride

* Independence Mike
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