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El Chichon

No description

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of El Chichon

El Chichon is located in the Southwest area of Mexico in a small town named Chiapas. It may be small, but many people live there. Chiapas is exactly 28,306 square miles. Chiapas' capital city is Tuxtla Gutierrez. El Chichon's elevation is 3,953 feet high.
Closest Major Cities
Some of the closest Major cities to El Chichon are Tuxla, which is in Chiapas, Cerro Hueco, which is 2.5 miles away, Salado, which is 2.5 miles away as well, El Otatal, which is 3.2 miles away, Copoya, which is 3.2 miles away as well, Toran, which is 3.3 miles away, El Sabinito, which is 5 miles away, and San Antonio El
Boqerom, which is 6.4 miles away.
Geological Information and Type of Volcano
El Chichon is Located Near the gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. El Chichon is a shield volcano, which is a broad rounded volcano that is built up by successive outpourings of very fluid lava.
How Did it Form?
EL Chichon formed by land erosion, and it's crater was formed by rain and its eruption. The eruption caused the extra dirt to fall off, and the rain helped it dissolve. That is also why the lake formed inside of the crater.
Last Eruption Facts
Last Eruption
The last time El Chichon Erupted was in 1983 from March 28 to April 4. This eruption killed up to 2,000 people. The eruption in 1983 was the most destructive of 3.
In the Last Eruption, 9 villages were destroyed. In those 9 villages, there were about 2,000 people. Over 24,000 km of the countryside was affected by it, almost destroying all of the farmers coffee, cocoa, banana crops, and cattle ranches. The eruption caused natural dams to form along the Rio Magdalena river. The total damage caused by the 1982 eruption is believed to amount to $55 million.
The population of Tuxla is 537,102 people, the
population of Salado is 43,213, the population of El Otatal is 213,756, the population of Copoya is 21900. Those were all of the populations I could find.
What Rock Type
El Chichon is made out of Volcanic Rock. I know that because it is a volcano, and most volcanoes are made out of volcanic rocks.

What Plate Boundaries Located Near

El Chichon is located on Coco's plate, which is located off the coast of Mexico.
El Chichon
By Jack Finke

Type of Lava
The type of lava is Magma.
There are no Hazards from El Chichon.
Future Predictions
Some of the future predictions are that it might not erupt again, but we don't have any proof yet.
Five Fun Facts
Five fun facts are that El Chichon has a lake in it, it is a crater, it erupted 3 times, it has killed 2,000 people, and it was the largest Mexican volcano eruption.


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I hope you liked my Slideshow!
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