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Questions With and Without Auxiliaries

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Wilson Paredes Jr.

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Questions With and Without Auxiliaries

Simple present:
Who do you like?
Where do you live?
How often do you play soccer?
Who did you go with?
To make information questions in the past and present simple, we use the auxiliary verbs do/does/did + infinitive.
Questions without auxiliaries
When the question word (who, where, when, which, how many) is the subject of the verb in the question, we do not use an auxiliary (do/does/did) and the verb is in the third person.
Questions with auxiliary
Question word: what, how, who, when, where, which, How many, how much, how often, what time, etc.
Question word
Infinitive verb

Auxiliary: Do, Did, Have, Verb to Be.
Subject: Pronouns, nouns, names.
Infinitive verb: simple form of the verb. Example: drive, work love, live, cry, learn, play, sing, etc.
Simple past:
Where did you go?
How did you get there?
How much did the blouse cost?
What time did you arrive home?
Present Perfect:
What have you drunk?
How has she spoken English?
When have they gone to the club?
Why has he called you?

Present Simple:
What are you singing?
Who are you dancing with?
Why is he playing soccer?
Where are you going?
We can also use the same rule for the present continuous and present perfect, with the auxiliaries have/has/is/are/am.
Who writes their songs?
Who plays the piano?
Who works here?
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